There are no accidents

For some reason, at this time you were meant to find out about XWX™ – our beneath-the-radar mastermind of incredible individuals who get are growing their business internationally the most direct way possible: not by trying to “hire a sales expert”. The people on this group have got real with themselves on that one and are BECOMING the sales expert.

You may not have heard of them.


But they’re part of a positive conspiracy to raise New Zealand’s GDP by raising their sales capability.

We come together as a FRATERNITY. We support each other to improve every dimension of what impacts our sales performance: mindset, message, sales activities and sales behaviours.

Don’t expect anyone to tolerate your “I’ll get results by collapsing all other dimensions of life” style of operating here. We are going for it ALL! Building our energy, our available time, our customers’ results, our personal happiness, our health and our business – so we can BE the firebrand entrepreneurs who can sell on any stage, and inspire other entrepreneurs to do the same.

You may already be considering joining. You may have heard about this for the first time.

There’s no pretense at “limited time offers” here. We can take ANYONE who will be a positive addition to the group. Equally, it’s easy to turn someone away that isn’t up for what this programme will demand of you.

So what does a fit look like?

First of all – you should have a product isn’t just “cool”, it solves a problem your market will pay for. Without that – chances are we’d only help you go out of business more quickly. Neither of us want that.

Also, you need to be comfortable that this is not a group where we talk until you feel “I know something” – but you don’t apply it: this is a group we discuss one minute then implement the next. The people on this group grow their results fast because they ITERATE fast.

If you want to keep talking about it, thinking about it, buying into myths about business growth being a catch-22 and staying in your comfort zone, we are not the group for you – so best you don’t apply…

Finally: This will be expensive (although it will be FAR less expensive than staying where you are!) Within two-four months, not only do people on this group get their ROI – but we don’t stop there. We keep iterating until you are operating a very different level of business.

Here’s what you get…

- We’ll begin with a 1:1 kickstarter session with me where we will immediately get you clear on more effective strategies to increase business results, that I can almost guarantee you are currently overlooking.
- Then you’ll pick up your NEXT STEP plan to get things moving up a gear ASAP
- You’ll get access to all my systems that will be relevant. This is not to overwhelm – it’s to match what you need with when you need it
- We all get together for a check-in every week.
- And we a powerful online group – where we share breakthroughs (lots of them), celebrations (lots of them), share challenges to help each other on.

We do this over the course of a year, which also includes invitations to converge around every 90 days to the same physical place (far from the city) to inspire and support the change happening with each other.

The current XWX members aren’t dreamers. And neither should you be. Many of them push ME in my goals!

Here’s How It Works

Below is an application where I ask you some diagnostic questions about your business. I’m not trying to be nosy –  just really trying to filter out the people who this wouldn’t be a fit for, so I can save you some time, and me too.

Anyway, once I receive the application one of two things will happen.

One, I’ll decide we’re not a good match and I’ll let you know. Or two, I’ll decide we MIGHT be a good match and we’ll have a chat or a call to see if we really are.

Nobody will pressure you or hassle you. If you want in, great. If not, no problem. We’re cool either way.

I’m only looking for 4 additional people between now and Feb 28 2015, so if you want to be one of them and you know anyone in the group already – have them put a good word in for you!

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