Somehow, my some means – you’ve found us – a small, under-the-radar group of some of the most epic, fastest growing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-the-making on earth.

They might not have billion dollar businesses (yet), and you’ll never have heard of most of them – but this group is not only growing their businesses at a truly exponential pace, they are completely redefining what entrepreneurship looks like in the process.


This group isn’t hoping for that. They have it.

They’ve achieved this by mastering five currencies. Most entrepreneurs are lucky to get to trade in one of them.

Currency 1: Revenue
Only two things that matter – bold action and understanding what EXACTLY to say when having the conversation that bold action generated. Most entrepreneurs do both averagely. If you’re pre-revenue – the exact same principles apply to gaining investment.

Currency 2: Profit
You may have revenue, and it may have increased 300% last year – but if you’re still living month-to-month, frankly so what? Most entrepreneurs do not understand the three levers that lead to profit and revenue rising in-tandem.

Currency 3: Time
You may be highly profitable. But if you have no time left to enjoy it, so what. You’re just a slave masquerading as an entrepreneur. Perhaps you’re telling yourself “I know I’m working crazy hours – but its ‘just for now'”. Overworking your way to time-freedom is like trying to smoke your way to health. Dangerous and stupid.

Yes I know – you’re going to get your exit event/ earn your passive income and then you’ll have time freedom. Let me break it to you gently: it doesn’t work out that way. People who work crazy hours fall into two categories.
1. the people who continue to do that their whole life (70%).
2. the people who after their exit end up doing nothing (or some glorified form of doing-nothing such as directing companies, dabbling in investment – under the illusion they are ‘giving back’), feeling rich in time but poor in purpose.

Neither group are free.

The people I work with don’t indulge in the myths of exhausting your way to freedom.

Currency 4: Energy

Perhaps unlike 97% of entrepreneurs you’ve somehow managed by yourself to create revenue, profit and time. Congratulations. But if you don’t have a whole stack of energy with which to enjoy your time, because your mind is still always on your work – so what? You’re still a slave with nothing to give back of real value to your family, friends or society.

Currency 5: Purpose
Even if you have revenue, profit, time and energy – what do you do with that energy you have? Is your business truly purpose-driven? Really? Can everyone on your team say what it is? And how their job fits into that purpose? And what of your family – what’s its purpose? Is your purpose bigger than your business? Can you see how you are going to make the world a better place? … for the entrepreneurs of the future ? …for the kids of the future?

Our groups is rich in ALL FIVE currencies, because we have designed it that way.
They are as truly epic in their visions as they have become skilled in the execution of them.


There’s no dreamers here – only people who have ideas one minute and implement them the next. On our last retreat the brainstorming energy went so high we created an entire new business model for one company that will not only 10x their earnings, it will release one of the major handbrakes to a nation’s technology-sector growth.

Don’t expect to learn about market validation or some rehashed corporate sales or theoretical leadership principles you can’t actually use, or be put through some curriculum. While on the outside you may be a long way from the freedom you came into business to discover – we respect that you’ll already be doing a lot of things right. The truth is that the 2% you’re not doing right is stopping you from enjoying 98% of the freedom you could be enjoying.

The results that the entrepreneurs on our group consistency experience (minimum revenue growth per year 337%, minimum profit growth after one year 119%, 100% success-rate raising first, second and third round investment) are not miracles – they happen because they are highly committed people in the presence of other highly committed people, doing a small number of things that actually matter when it comes to turning the needle forward on your business. In other words – this is no group of talkers – everyone on the group, including me, is doing and has done what they’re talking about.

This group is not for everyone. The fastest way to grow your business is to grow you. And if you want to grow “you” in a way that will grow your business, being accepted into this group will accomplish that. However, if you want convincing that growing yourself is a good idea, if you think this is just some glorified mentoring program, or if you expect us to make results happen for you – please don’t contact us. You are not a fit. Also, if you just want one-dimensional business results but don’t care about any other currencies – you’re not a fit.

But if you want this life to be the fulfilment of your potential, with your business(es) as your canvas for the full expression of your potential – then you might just be a fit for our group of incredible entrepreneurs who have it all, and who care as much about growing each others business as they do about growing their own.


1. Every Friday we jump on a group call. These calls are hi-impact, inspiring and brutally effective. Real problems get solved. New Insights are gained. Real wins get celebrated. Every. Single. Week.

2. 4 times a year we get together IN PERSON, to do transformative growth on YOU. This is a critical time where we get clear on what version 2.0 of YOU looks like, then create it.

Finally, this program is expensive. But nowhere near as expensive as the permanent cost of remaining an entrepreneur-slave who has not mastered the five currencies.


There’s no webinars, no email-lists for you to join. None of that BS that’s just an excuse for us to AVOID having a conversation.

Instead, its very simple – you fill out the application form below. Based on your answers, one of two things will happen.

A. I’ll contact to let you know that you’re not a fit at this time.
B. I’ll contact you, to let you know that you MIGHT be, and to arrange a time for us to jump on a call to find out if we’re a fit.

Our vision is huge – and you should not click “let’s go” lightly. Make sure you’re up for the level of commitment and contribution that will be expected of you.

In service,
Daniel Batten. Entrepreneur.

Lets Go


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