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“Influence is like a heart with 6 chambers: When all 6 flow freely, you can pump influence into almost any conversation.“

The first 3 components are “you focussed” – they are about creating intrigue

The second 3 components are “them focussed” – they are about creating empathy

1. Your heart – Sharing vulnerability, clarifying purpose
How showing authentic imperfection creates more influence:
reveal known imperfections in a way where you build more trust, not less.
Clarifying your purpose by clarifying your message:
Here, you pick up the secret to displaying your passion to sweep others along, not aside.

2. Your head– Structure
Beyond Agendas:
Agendas control meeting content, not meeting mood. Here, you get up the 5-part structure to do both
Structuring conversations for agreement: Here, you get a 3-part formula to structure language so others are pre-disposed to agree, not argue
How to use metaphors to create instant clarity: Get instant clarity for a complex message. The result? Less explanation; more inspiration.

3. Your mouth– Delivery

How you say it: Here, you’ll get to practice and master The 8 factors that create 93% of impact in your message
Enthusing any generation: Here, you’ll pick up two proven systems to get almost anyone enthusiastic about your message.

4. Their earsControlling what gets heard
Your perceived weakness is your biggest strength: turn your perceived weaknesses into the reason your recommendation should be taken up
Getting on the same page:
Have you ever walked away from a meeting thinking you were on the same page, but you weren’t? Using these tools, this’ll happen much less often

5. Their heart – Story

Story is the single most powerful way to turn information into inspiration. But how to you use it in any professional context? Here, you learn how.

6. Their head
– Overcoming the 11th hour doubt

Perceived Risk & Actual Obstacles Using these tools, you’ve remove the two most common causes of 11th hour decisions going against you.

Over-attachment to an outcome: Pick up the 3-step process to increase your “presence”, prior to any important conversation.

Six Steps to Incredible Influence is a 2-day accelerated-learning workshop conducted by Messaging Expert Daniel Batten.

Entrance is “by application”. You can take 30 seconds to complete an expression-of-interest form here

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