7 Day Coaching Program

Free 7 day online Beyond The Ceiling coaching

This is a resource mainly for entrepreneurs, but other people have told me they’ve found it invaluable also.

It’s practical, and if you are in a rut or looking for new ideas or a reason to commit to something new – this could be could timing for you. Plus its free. It focuses on the things that I found mattered most in running a business – influence with others, and influence over yourself.


The book focuses on the 7 factors that stop most people from making their business a high-growth.
Most of these factors are to do with influence over your own mind.

Day 1: Passion
Day 2: How To Make Time Work in Your Favor
Day 3: How to Develop Business Discipline
Day 4: Eliminating Self-Talk
Day 5: Improving your influencing and Speaking
Day 6: The Right Way to do Goal Setting
Day 7. Taking Action

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