Why Coaching?

Your company cannot reach its potential unless you reach yours. If you agree with that statement, read on!

Yes – you’ll grow organically on the job by doing the job. But to content oneself that one is growing is dangerously complaisance. The question is “Are you growing at the speed, breadth and depth as you must – to dominate the world in its sector?”

Because as we know, when you have an innovative product: speed is not about realising gains early – speed is about staying alive.

Choosing not to get the coaching that will make your growth fast-deep-and-broad means choosing to:

1. Grow at a slower rate than your potential, which means growing you company at a slower rate than its potential, which means putting the company’s ability to stay alive at risk.

2. Increase the probability the board will have to replace you with someone who can grow at the required speed (this happens a lot).

3. Make avoidable mistakes every month which slow you down and dilute you further as you burn cash on them (I know, I’ve done it!)

4. Miss several significant business opportunities per year that would have really moved your company ahead

5. Live with a set of beliefs, not all of which are positive, which compromise the growth of your company by stealth

6. Invest in & develop the product substantially while attempting to make do with version1.0 of you: including your current skills in communication, leadership, negotiating, sales and mental toughness

So if you as an entrepreneur want to maximise the probability of creating a Unicorn-company, the question is not why would get a coach, it’s “Why do you believe you can get away with not?”

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