Why Coaching?


Daniel Batten has been growing, leading, investing in and coaching hi-growth tech-companies since 1996. He was a co-founder or early employee at 3 successful kiwi tech-companies (Peace Software, The Optima Corporation, Biomatters). Two of the companies achieved exits, and the third is one of New Zealand’s top 20 Health-IT companies.


Since 2007 he has been coaching tech-companies. His work falls into two areas

  1. Pitching/ securing capital
  2. Preparing founders for the post-capital journey


What he does and does not do

Daniel helps founders of tech-companies with international potential, <30 staff, and a growth-mindset. He helps founding teams grow critical capabilities including visionary leadership, sales acumen, pitching, resilience, mindset and personal patterns of excellence.  He doesn’t do what incubators or advisors do (market validation, market entry strategy, writing plans).



Daniel definitely thinks different. With parents who were teachers, he has achieved great success growing tech companies through improving the way we educate their founders.


His coaching is the educational equivalent of Team NZ attaching bikes to boats: He has borrowed from sports, improvisational theatre, narrative theory, mindfulness research, and psychology to create arguably the fastest way to grow tech-founder capability in the world.


  1. Pitching
    Daniel is author of the Book “How to change the world with one pitch”. The book pulls from his experience raising capital and helping founders raise capital over 15 years. A strong conceptual model, research-based and simple to apply, underpins the book and his methods.

As well as private clients, he currently has multi-year engagements delivering pitching workshops for

  • Kiwinet (GetINVESTED) // Kiwinet in association with CreativeHQ (GetFUNDED)
  • MacDiarmid Institute
  • Callaghan Innovation, Science Challenge SfTi


Since 2013, Daniel has trained over 500 scientists in pitching. Several (including Vlatko Materic and Shieak Tzeng) have now formed promising deep-tech companies.


Daniel runs

  1. 1-hr seminar “winning the pitch by understanding the psychology of decision-making”
  2. 1 day “Pitching Value” pitching workshop (for up to 15 participants)
  3. 1-on-1 coaching over 3 months. Intended outcomes: win the pitch, navigate due diligence efficiently, shore up aspect of the company that will make it investible and valuation-maximisation. Clients on this program have a 100% success-rate.
  4. Preparing founders for the Post-capital journey

Daniel specializes helping tech-CEOs aspire for the impossible goals (such as “let’s get sales in 3 new industry verticals within 3 months of your first visit to the US”) then works intimately with the team until they achieve it, without ever resorting to stress or overwork. He runs:


  1. 1-on-1 founder coaching – 3 months. These sessions are completely customised to the founder. They often cover delegation, leadership, running board/team meetings, how to prioritise and/or delegate, how to build a culture that scales, how to raise a team-member’s capability, how to convey a vision, having courageous conversations, bold moves, negotiating JVs, how to recruit, how to use investment, eliminating stress and overwork.


  1. At the end of a coaching engagement, Daniel invites the top founders to join eXponential Founders™ (see XF Program) with a small group of other tech-CEOs. These CEOs are either already scaling their tech-company internationally, or building the foundations so they can.


  1. Deep engagement with a whole company. When a company hits about 25 staff, and funding of $2M+ Daniel on occasions (limited by capacity) will work with the entire management team, and key team-members, to very rapidly build capability, mindset, culture, and the human-foundations for rapid growth across the entire team.


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