Daniel Batten

Involved in three successful hi-tech startup – the last one as founding CEO. Then I realised my true calling was as a teacher, so I spent another 8 years working out how to do that – and have had the honour to help a number of entrepreneurs now exceed their goals and get there in a state of resilient calm.

I only work with GEMS : Geeks, Engineers, Maverick-creators and Scientists who want to build their business by building the person running it: themselves!

What next?

There are three ways we can engage

1. You can Book a one-off Message Clarity Session. This session will establish the genesis for both successful leadership and successful sales: clarity.

2. Apply for the XWX program – for GEMS. This is for people who already have customers and have a product or service, or who are serial entrepreneurs working on their next venture.

3. Let’s talk about Leaders in Motion, if you want to change the world. It’s my platinum program for people who want to make a “ding in the Universe”

Book a strategy session

Lets Go

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