Daniel Batten

A linguist by trade, since ’95 Daniel has had an obsession about how language influences
…or doesn’t.

From a family of academics + artists he rebelled by going into business. Most of his businesses failed. He also had some successes including Biomatters that became a Deloitte Fast50 company for 2 years – exporting into 65 countries. His title was CEO, but it was more like Chief-Pitcher 3 years running.

It was during this time he came to the conclusion that commercial-success required a good product + only 2 skills:

• influence with others
• influence over self

He’s been a highly-referred consultant and doer in these 2 areas for the last 5 years.

It’s not important, but in case you think it is, here’s the credentials:
• Written a couple of books on Authentic Influence
• A thesis on Authenticity
• A bunch of published articles on influence
• Some letters, courtesy of Auckland University: DipTchg, DipDrama, MA(Hons)

In terms of stuff that maybe matters a bit – the mid-sized professional organisations and solopreneurs he predominantly works with typically get 50% revenue growth. How? – by swapping low-currency informing with hi-currency inspiring messages. Talk to them – he’ll let you.

Their results include:
• converting tenders/ RFPs into deals (last RFP/tender he worked on that lost was Aug 2008)
• answering “what do we do” in a way that excites action
• repositioning products so you can sell higher up an organisation
• scripts that actually work and don’t sound salesy for inbound + outbound calls
• creating online profiles that generate business from strangers

Sometimes he fails to get a result for the people he works with. This last happened in November 2009.

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