Daniel Batten

From a disastrous investment pitch in San Diego on 3rd Sept 2003 which resulted in a tag-team dragon-mauling for 20-mins, Daniel recovered in 8 months to become New Zealand’s first CEO to receive Angel Investment, and insodoing kickstart angel investing in this country. The company he led repaid investor-faith – selling software to over 3000 Universities and having realised the vision to change the way over 100,000 molecular biologists do research.

In a delicious irony – with a win ratio of over 90% – today companies pay Daniel (very well) to win major pitches, tendors and investment deals. He’s currently helping entrepreneur-clients win from $200,000 local deals to $660,000,000 overseas deals.

Originator of the term “GEMS”, he is particularly passionate about helping NZ’s GEMS (Geniuses, Engineers, Mavericks and Scientists). He believes that when GEMS unleash version 2.0 of themselves, NZ will immediately become a high-wage economic superpower – and has declared not to rest until this vision is achieved. His first play in 2014 was to pioneer the XWX – Experts who Export – program to allow GEMS to upgrade to founder 2.0 within one year.

Says Daniel – “I believe the XWX program sets a new high-tide mark for speed, depth and permanence of how founder-upgrading gets done globally.”

Daniel likes measuring things – so here are the numbers for client results in the last two quarter …


Average client annual revenue growth p.a ( profit growth is higher again)



Percentage of clients on his mastermind for over six months who have reached or exceeded their original business goals


Percentage of clients on the program “get investment” who have got investment


Percentage of times Daniel’s clients win their major pitch/tender/RFP when they’ve used him in as a bid consultant

$51.55 Million

Total contract value of investment deals Daniel has partnered with clients to get inked in 2015 so far. (Mostly raised offshore)


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