Daniel Batten Bio

Daniel Batten’s history
Saying “Daniel Batten coaches entrepreneurs” is like saying “Daniel Carter plays rugby”. Without context and data, it conveys not much. So here’s the context and data.

Daniel played key roles in 3 separate teams that launched 3 separate $20-$200M valuation-companies on the world. He was the first CEO in New Zealand to close an angel investment round. One of his companies radically improved the way 100,000 molecular biologists do research. Another recently launched is now doing business at a ministerial level with the Indian Govt on its $2 Trillion Smart City development.

The problem he saw
In 2006, while at his third tech-company – Daniel realized that founders who became good-but-not-great at sales and leadership were the root-cause of global economic underperformance. So he decided to do something about it. Daniel recruited a new CEO to run his company, and stepped into associate relationships with three training and consultancy firms (RogenSi, Skillset NZ, and SalesStar) – where he learnt both the theory and application of sales and leadership from three different angles. He also gained invaluable training and experience developing capability across a broad range of smart people. Over the next few years he coached/trained 826 sales professionals, 147 sales leaders and 84 business owners, including 21 CEOs of high-growth exporting companies. His first three major training delivery in sales and sales management were in June-July 2010, where he achieved the highest NPS scores (a way of measuring customer satisfaction) recorded for the company of 100, 98 and 100.

The solution he saw
During this time he was developing his own unique approach that would practically work for innovative CEO-exporters. In Oct 2014 Daniel launched his program, seven years in the making, naming it XWX (Experts who Export). By June 2015, clients were averaging 151% revenue growth P.A, with profit growth even higher.

The result
By Q1 2016 – many clients were doing significant deals from zero-base, making average client revenue-growth impossible to calculate. For example, one client won a deal worth over $200M in India. Another won an EOI worth $540M. A third client secured a deal that gave them the whole calendar year’s revenue projection by March.

As coach, or team-member, Daniel played a key role growing the export revenues of:
• $1-9M companies (Vesta e-Commerce, iMonitor, GloryLeague),
• $10-99M companies (The Optima Corporation, XSOL, Biomatters
• $100-999M companies (Peace Software, Metrino PRT)

His goal is to help grow 5 new $100M companies and 5 new $Billion companies by 2021.

Daniel’s mission
1. To increase the world’s GDP, starting with New Zealand’s, by raising the capability of a handful of entrepreneurs who can change the world.
2. To leave a legacy where for a founder not to get a coach is seen as equally foolish as an elite sport-person not getting one.
3. To personally help more people who can change the world become people who do.

Lets Go

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