Daniel Batten Bio

Daniel Batten’s history

Daniel played key roles in 3 separate teams that launched 3 separate $15-$120M valuation-companies on the world. He was the first CEO in New Zealand to close an angel investment round. One of his companies improved the way 100,000 molecular biologists do research.

The problem he saw
After stepping down from his third hi-tech company – he followed his passion – coaching other entrepreneurs and highly committed people. Over 10 years he worked closely with 826 sales professionals, 147 sales leaders and 89 business owners and 31 CEOs of high-growth exporting companies.

As coach, or team-member, Daniel played a key role growing the export revenues of:
• $1-9M companies (Vesta e-Commerce, GloryLeague),
• $10-99M companies (The Optima Corporation, XSOL, Biomatters, Inspire Group, iMonitor)
• $100-999M companies (Peace Software, Metrino PRT)

His goal is to help grow 5 new $100M companies and 5 new $Billion companies by 2021.

Daniel’s mission
1. To increase the world’s GDP, starting with New Zealand’s, by raising the capability of a handful of entrepreneurs who can change the world.
2. To leave a legacy where for a founder not to get a coach is seen as equally foolish as an elite sport-person not getting one.
3. To personally help more people who can change the world become people who do.

Lets Go

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