Daniel Batten

I help hi-tech innovators create globally successful companies who change people’s lives.


I was a product-geek who had to endure working for someone else for many years, and then endured more years earning next to no money as a wannabe entrepreneur – until I was shown three areas I needed to grow myself – that made all the difference.

If I hadn’t been shown these three lessons, I’d have stayed a hobby entrepreneur until I eventually ran out of time, patience and money. I would have denied the world the creation of a global company who created a whole load of jobs, salaries and shareholder wealth, and changed the face of research for tens of thousands of scientists in 65 nations around the world.

Then I realized that the lesson was not for me alone, it was for me to GIVE BACK.

So I spent 7 years training and coaching 913 people, working out the BEST WAY to hand on what I’d learnt to other Geeks, Engineers, Maverick-creators and Scientists (GEMS).


I have a fundamental belief that the fastest way to grow a company is to grow THE PERSON RUNNING IT. So we start there.


There are three ways you can engage with me

1. Book a 90-minute Message Clarity Session to see what happens to how fast your customers buy when you get a crystal-clear message.

2. If you are just starting out (no customers yet), have an idea but not a product, or are planning your escape from prison, I mean you corporate job, check out my 8-week Escape Velocity programme.

3. My Experts who Export programme – for GEMS only. This is for people who already have customers and have a product with a $20M+ export-earning potential, who actually want to realize that potential.

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