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I played pivotal roles in 3 tech startups, two of which have now exited, and one who is highly profitable and on-target to do so in the next two years.

For the last 12 years I’ve been specialising in coaching some of the countries top tech-founders. These founders have

  • gone through nine funding rounds. All 9 were successful. (Industry standard success rate is 15%. Likelihood this occurred by chance: 1 in 6 Million)
  • achieved revenue growth of an average 337% after having static, or near static, revenue growth for the previous year.
  • achieved 619% growth in profits
  • raised in one year more than twice the capital of NZ’s largest angel investment group
  • done all this via our ground-rule of “change the world by day. Have dinner with family each night.”


The program I run for tech-entrepreneurs is unique globally. Apart from the late Bill Campbell, there are literally only a handful of people internationally who have the combined skillset of knowing how to start-grow-exit a tech-company, and also have acquired the harder skillset of knowing how to coach other people. Mentors are a dime-a-dozen. They are also incomplete. I was a “mentor” 12 years ago when I left the third successful tech-startup I was part of. I quickly learnt that what I’d done did not qualify me to coach others. Far from it. I had this insight due to my meditation practice. It has been my neutral observation – not judgement – that most people who the world calls “successful” are generally high on ego and low on self-awareness. Because of the high ego, they believe they can show others what to do. Because of low self-awareness, they cannot see where their knowledge or skillset tapers off dangerously, and therefore do not take steps to build up their skillset as a coach.

After becoming aware of my own shortcomings 12 years ago – I spent over a decade in Bangalore India, and Santa Barbara USA investing significant time and financial resources with the vision to become the best coach I knew how. Along the way I saw the huge people-cost of tech-entrepreneurs being poorly mentored. I vowed to bring a new standard to the coaching of tech-entrepreneurs globally. This was a harder journey than becoming a tech-entrepreneur. And I still feel like I’m learning. Nonetheless, working in partnership with the right people – we can now achieve in a month what used to take 6 months. I’m also happy to say that I regularly meet people now who three years tell me their lives have changed through meeting me. Sometimes we did coaching together. Sometimes they were a FB follower, or we had one conversation that they said was responsible for the success of a businesses they candidly tell me they’d otherwise never have had.

I don’t believe that everyone has enormous potential. I know they do. And  – I know how to consistently draw this out in tech-entrepreneurs so that their visions change the world for the better.

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