Daniel Batten

What i care about
My vision is a world where the growth of the entrepreneur is at the forefront of growing companies; where success – not failure is the norm for those who become entrepreneurs; and where the impact that the entrepreneur has on their team, customers and the world is even bigger than the impact of their technology.

I see a new standard for entrepreneurship where instead of collapsing into one-dimensional exit-event seekers – the entrepreneur expands into a visionary leader in all aspect of their life, including their family.

Most particularly I stand for the GEMS – our Geniuses, Engineers, Mavericks and Scientists – stepping out of the shadows, becoming the visionary leaders of their companies, and being celebrated and recognised for their unique gifts to the world.

What I do
Today, I grow a small number of companies at one time. Engagements cost $10,000, $30,000 or $100,000 depending on the level of depth I go to. To date, 100% of the companies I’ve helped achieve investment have got it. Average revenue growth is 152% – enough to make the average company he works with into a Deloitte Fast50 Company.

How I do it
This “impossible” level of success has been possible because I operate very differently to classical IMAs (Incubation, Mentorship, Acceleration). They place 95% emphasis on outer forces (market validation, timing, recruiting, accessing capital, management & governance), and 5% emphasis on inner forces (visionary leadership, mental toughness, communication skills, decision-making and ability to inspire action).

I swap this ratio on its head and cultivate the one thing that is most important to the growth of your company: you (the entrepreneur).

In classical IMAs, 1 in 5 companies truly succeed and it takes a long time. My methodology produces 4 successes in 5 and it takes a short time. Right now, 2 of my clients are doing business in India, moving towards deals that could be worth more than the entire current NZ-India two-way trade.

While I’m “big picture”, measurement matters too – so here are the numbers for client results in the last two quarter …


Average client annual revenue growth p.a ( profit growth is higher again)



Percentage of clients on XWX mastermind for over six months who have reached or exceeded their original business goals


Percentage of clients on the program “get investment” who have got investment


Percentage of times my clients win their major pitch/tender/RFP when I’ve coached them on how to win it

$667 Million

Total value of investment deals I’ve helped entrepreneurs raise (Mostly offshore)


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