A 2-minute way to use AQ to jump the job queue

by Daniel Batten on February 22, 2010

Here is one way to triple your chances of getting an interview in the first place

First – here is a riddle: what is the C-word that overcomes C-grades?

And what should you do if you are having trouble getting that interview in the first place? Without exception when I reflect on the people I’ve employed over the years – they were the hungriest. Other CEOs would say the same.

One person came to drop her CV off in person and asked to meet me. We ended up giving her an interview even though we had just put her CV in “12th place” and we were only interviewing 6 people.

Another kept badgering us, even though his CV was one of the worst I’d seen (honestly) – but he didn’t just badger: he had a good story to tell about how the grades reflected only the fact he didn’t like structured study but he knew his calling was in a workplace environment.

We liked his hunger so we gave him a shot, and he ended up being right – he was one of our top employees. Today he is the development team leader.

Getting a job is no time to be shy. You need to get more than your CV in front of someone to get an interview. Get your face in front of them. Show up at their workplace and insist on dropping it off in person. Ring them up and speak to the prospective employer. Tell them you are contacting them because you didn’t want to be just another CV without a voice or voice.

The C-word that overcome C-grades is courage. Combine this with conviction in yourself, and certainty in your moves and you will get the result you want, despite an appalling CV, an abysmal academic record, or an atrocious job history.

Most people never ask the question – “how can I be more courageous in my approach?” Instead, they abdicate responsibility for getting a job to

–                   the economy

–                   an employment agency

–                   a CV

That’s why the quote is “fortune favours the braves” not “fortune favours the grades”.

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