“A good idea is worthless”

by Daniel Batten on July 29, 2010

How many times have you said “Hey that’s a great idea” ?

How many times have you actioned that idea?

I was contronted by this recently when I recorded a session of me and a coach who was helping me on my business.

I noticed myself saying on 2 occasions within 10 minutes “Yeah – that’s a really good idea.”

… I also smiled to myself sheepishly realizing I had done neither of these things, and in fact had forgotten the

suggestions completely.

When I got really honest with myself, I admitted that there was no way I was ever going to implement either of those ideas in the first place. Why? Because I lacked confidence that it would work, and thought “what if it fails, and I am left with only 4 people at my seminar?” Interest – considering I train people to stop worrying about making a fool of themselves. It was also a bit uncomfortable getting this honest with myself. It’s not surprising that we don’t always want to self-reflect to this degree.

It strikes me now that this sort of thought-process seems to occur for everyone. I don’t think I’m unique in that I left a good idea unactioned because of some underlying mindset problem in me. Truly, the only reason we don’t achieve more is not the under-abundence of information, but the over-abundence of fear.

And equally, a good idea is like a seed on the concrete: worthless unless transported to the fertile soil of our own determination to act anyway.

To raise your “AQ” right now – make a decision to

1. value elegant execution of the idea, not the idea itself.

2. make a commitment to execute one idea you have had but not actioned (even if it is small). This will help re-educate your mind that you are the sort of person that applies what you learn. Which in turn will lead to you applying more and bigger things, and larger amounts of the wealth of other things you know but don’t apply.

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