Breaking news: Art of Living Make First Splash Towards “Joy Tsunami”

by Daniel Batten on March 31, 2010

On 31 March, the last day of the financial year, Auckland’s Britomart Transport centre and Queen St was awash with 50 joy-spreading volunteers from The Art of Living Foundation who handed out 10,000 smiles, 1000 free roses and conducted a meditation for world peace.

The event was to raise awareness of the “ripple effect” where one random act of kindness has a positive ripple thought a whole family or community. The meditation was conducted to make the joy-spreading more powerful, and to raise awareness of the next watershed event in the joy-tsunami when 5000 people gather at Trusts Stadium on 5 April with the intention of lowering the stress levels of all Auckland.

Art of Living spokesman Daniel Batten says “Meditation is now routinely practiced by C-level executives in the US, but NZ lags behind. Citing Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar, he said “Many people are working for world peace. But unless you are peaceful inside, creating peace outside will not happen. That is where meditation is so powerful.”

The effects of a few people in meditation being able to reducing stress in an entire city is well documented: In 1983 during the Israel-Lebannon war, a few meditators were shown to have lowered violence in the city by a statistically measurable degree.”

This event paves the way for a huge action that The Art of Living, a 100% volunteer-based organization, is planning: 5000 people coming together to meditate at Trusts Stadium on 5th April. In this not-for-profit event, Art of Living founder and triple-time Nobel Peace prize nominee Sri Sri Ravishankar will come to New Zealand specially to lead the meditation and reveal ancient secrets to combat modern stress.

Art of Living claim that the effects of this mammoth event have the ability to lower Auckland’s stress levels by as much as 20% through the “ripple effect”.

A recent study showed that even if an individual had friends that knew people who became happier, that individual would themselves become happier themselves. Can 5000 people in meditation really trigger a joy-tsunami, sending shockwaves of good vibrations through the country? 5th April at Trust Stadium Waitakere at 6pm, Auckland will have the chance to find out.

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Sharad Lathker April 1, 2010 at 12:24 pm

fantastic…u guys rock…

Styrus April 1, 2010 at 1:44 pm

Awesome… we are ready to see it..

purvi April 2, 2010 at 12:47 am

oosam…..i m coming there..

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