“Believe it or Not!”

by Daniel Batten on June 11, 2010

It’s wonderful seeing the Instant Kiwi ‘Believe it or not’ ad take off online the way it has. It’s as if a new character has taken life – someone’s even started a ‘That guy from the instant kiwi add is awesome!‘ group on Facebook.

It seems that together with DDB, GoodOil productions, and Alyx the choreographer, I have created a new person that looks a lot like me, dances madly and seems about to go places and as he does I want to make sure he does good things.

So I’ve named him ‘Dancing Daniel’ and created him his very own Facebook page.

It will contain some “unplugged” footage of Day 1 of rehearsals. There are some frightening “moves” in here that should never have left the living-room!

It’s spreading

The ad is popping up all over the place, getting great reviews and the list is growing daily !

It seems it ‘s  been written about both at home in the National Business Review, and as far afield as Spain … and its also now on an international “best funny commercials” website.

I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make. I used to “want to be known” … for the wrong reasons. I thought if lots of other people gave me approval, I would feel good. From 1992-2000, I did a reasonable amount of acting … But it didn’t fill up the void inside. In 2000 something unexpected happened and my need to act lessened.  This year a shift has occurred.

I realized that people like Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm have much more influence in their quest to save our National Parks from mining because they are well-known. Check out their “sexy coal’ video.

Similarly, James Cameron’s Avatar was able to deliver perhaps one of the strongest messages to our psyche since “An Inconvenient Truth” about indigenous values, mining, nature  and spirituality because of who he is in the public eye and what he has accomplished.

I share a strong interest

– in seeing National Parks protected,

– in seeing spirituality re-established in every household, and

– in seeing us life in harmony with nature once again.

This is not my vision – but those of people with a far bigger vision than me.

Should the need arise, I’m sure Dancing Daniel would be up for a trip to Paparoa to dance in front of some bulldozers. Ghetto blaster playing “Believe it or Not” In the background.

Thank you for all your support

In gratitude

“Dancing Daniel”

PS: Please pass this message on to visit this page and click “like” if you like it.

Maybe together we can turn this guy into a celebrity so that in his own unique and quirky way, he could be a force for good … kind of like a kiwi version or the dude in the red flying-suit in “Greatest American Hero”

PPS: and go join the page yourself also! Its here.


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