Health Benefits of Art of Living Breathing

by Daniel Batten on March 23, 2010

Overcoming diabetes, Reducing high-blood pressure, Ceasing depression, Ending anxiety.

These have been some of the health benefits its been wonderful to see occur very naturally during my time as an Art of Living teacher over the last 4 years.

It’s been humbling to see these benefits. The benefits go deeper than physical health.

But physical health is one  dimension, and I’m grateful to those who have been generous in their personal sharing. It has been inspiring and touching to read your stories.

Thank you,

Daniel Batten

Art of Living Teacher

Art of Living Experiences and Benefits:

2010 Case Studies

Divya Dod: Depression (Central Auckland)

In the year 1999 the stress of immigration to NZ led to deep depression and I was admitted to the hospital for a month. I was put on very heavy, life-long medication. I had lost touch with reality, I could not sleep without sleeping pills and I was unable to function normally.

Although I visited specialists regularly and had the medication as prescribed, my condition did not improve much. In the year 2001 my sister from India advised me to try the Art of Living basic course. I had not heard of it at that time but I was ready to try anything to feel better. It worked like a miracle for me.

After the 24 hour course, I started having positive thoughts and felt good about myslf and the world around me. I did a number of advance courses after that and now I can sleep without pills and do not need any medication for depression. I am now a mentally healthy person who works regularly and enjoys life.

Divya Dod, School Teacher

Rohit Singla: Migraines and stress disorder (North Shore)

In 2007, I was a chronic case of Asthma, severe migraines and had stress disorder. No medicine or treatment would work on me. I would often feel low energy, sick, with a heavy head and an inability to handle stress.

The day I did the Art of Living’s Sudarshan Kriya, it changed my view on the alternative holistic approach of breathing which my doctor had advised me in the past but I didn’t feel inclined to do. The one regret I had after doing this course was that I wish I had done it earlier. I no longer suffer from asthma, migraines or stress. These conditions have all completely gone, and I feel more energy than ever before. It has also helped my work, where my calm and clear state of mind and improved communication clarity helped me from the position of bank teller through several promotions, to the position of private banker

Rohit Singla, Private Banker, ANZ Corporation

Miranda Charles: Alcohol and Drug Dependency (Christchurch)

Like many kiwis, for years I used recreational drugs and alcohol to have fun and gain acceptance by my peers. And I continued to indulge in these habits despite the suffering so many harmful side effects. I damaged myself physically, I let people use me, and I lost respect for myself time and again.

Because of this depression started to be an increasing problem for me and I started to totally loose sight of all the good things in my life.  Since getting involved in the Art of Living Foundation, my whole attitude and sense of self has changed.

I no longer take any drugs or alcohol and I know how to connect with myself and other people in a totally new and authentic way. By making this technique available to me, I truly believe that the Art of Living founder, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, has saved my life.

Miranda Charles, Council Planner

Ketan Patel : Asthma (Papatoetoe, South Auckland)

I used to suffer severe asthama attacks whenever there was smoke from diesel, dry dust from a road, or even an incense stick burning. Because I was a civil engineer in the construction industry, doctors at one stage told me to change profession and then started giving me my high doses of steroids.

Once, I forgot to carry the steroids with me. I could feel my respiratory system burning. On top of that, then I started needing anti-alnow, where I am going to stand in future?” By chance, I came across breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya from The Art of Living and started doing it regularly. The result has been that I have not needed to take any asthma medicine since last 15 years, and have not experienced another asthma attach in that time

Ketan BE Civil Director RK Construction Ltd.

Mary-Louise: Stress (New Lynn, West Auckland)

Prior to completing the part one course in May 2009 I didn’t know about Art of Living. I had never heard of Sri Sri Ravishankar. What I can genuinely say though, is since completing Part One my life has been transformed.

I was at a very low point in my life, and was searching for meaning and some guidance. I was feeling so angry and frustrated. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling satisfied, after all I had a loving husband, a gorgeous young daughter, and a great career.  I knew I needed to find a way to do things differently. Serendipity (or was it the Divine) helped me find the Art of Living and the Part One course.  I felt apprehensive about it, but also hopeful.  My teacher exuded warmth, grace and good humour, which helped me trust what was to come.  By the third evening of the course I began to feel a sense of optimism for my future. By the end of part one I knew I had connected with something that would support me with strategies to live a more meaningful life.

Nine months on and I still practice my breathing practice every day. It gives me such a sense of centeredness and calm that my mind can slow down, refocus and expand. In the calm space that the breathing practice creates I have started to experience joy. I am so much happier.  I am beginning to know myself and I have a lot more confidence. Sometimes I take huge leaps forward in developing my understanding, other times just tiny steps. I am so very thankful for the Part One course, for my teacher, for the Art of Living, for Sri Sri Ravishankar and his teachings.

Learn more, feel more, connect and contribute more.  This journey is amazing.

Mary-Louise, Public Servant

Daniel Batten: Anxiety Attacks (Mt Albert, Central Auckland)

In 2003 I was a part-time IT contractor suffering from anxiety attacks that could debilitate me at any moment: on a bus, alone at home, or at my work. My relationship had ended; my self-confidence was very low and I had lost the will to live. I had been in counseling for 9 months, but still felt desperate and my friends were very worried for me. I decided to put myself on an Art of Living Advanced Course.

After the course, everything changed. I have not had an anxiety attack since. The Art of Living breathing practices gave me the confidence to do something I would never have done: start 2 businesses, and run them better than I thought I could!

The secret was the calm state of mind; and ability to handle any stress, situation or person I gained through regular Art of Living breathing & meditation practices. Life has changed completely for me. People who knew me before now comment that I am a completely different person.

Last, and perhaps most precious of all – through the Art of Living breathing, I completely lost all grief I’d had for the loss of a child 7 years earlier, which I had stored with me until that time. I am now at peace. I see her live only as a blessing, and a source of profound gratitude.

Daniel Batten. Business Consultant

Bela Bhavsar: Diabetes and Hypertension (Papatoetoe, South Auckland)

Years ago 3 I was diagnosed with Diabetes, Hypertension, depression with occasional anxiety attacks. I felt that I had hit rock bottom and there was no way out of this.

Due to these health problems I lost my job and couldn’t support my family financially. All of my family members felt a strain in their lives. They tried to support me as much as they could, but I just did not see any positive outcome for a couple of months.

Fortunately, One day I heard an advertisement about the AOL meditation programme. At that point I was willing to try anything to pull me out of this negativity. The experience of basic course was positive, I felt a lot calmer within myself.

Due to this positive effect I decided to do an advanced meditation course with Art of Living. I felt very good after the course and went the next day to see my doctor for a check up.

When my doctor measured my hypertension and insulin levels he could not believe the results he was seeing. He started asking me about what I had been up to. My doctor was very surprised and told me that I have turned my whole life around for good. He advised me to continue this way for better health outcomes. My Doctor gradually reduced all my medications within a month. Now I am on minimal amount of medications to benefit my health.

I am very happy with my life style. I feel a lot more positive and energetic within my daily life. I am able to accomplish tasks independently. I feel that this is my second life.

I don’t know if I can thank Sri Sri and the Art of Living Foundation enough

Bela Bhavsar. Teacher Aid

Aneel Sudhakar:  High Blood Pressure & Weight (Manukau City, South Auckland)

I did the Art of Living course in November 2009.

Before doing the course my blood pressure was dangerously high. I was low in energy and felt very tired.

After doing the Art of Living basic course I have noticed great improvement in general health. My blood pressure levels have stabilized. I have cut down the blood pressure tablets to only one tablet a day.

I feel more comfortable, calm, active and peaceful. I have lot of energy even after day’s work. I am not confused or puzzled as I used to be.

I used to be tired every mornings. Now I sleep well, and am out of bed at 5.15am. I need less sleep and am more alert during each day.

I also note that since doing the course I have managed to keep my weight under control. Because I get so much energy through the breath, I don’t crave food so much and my eating habits have improved without effort.

I feel more peace, comfort and strength in my home environment.

Aneel Sudhakar, Administration Officer

Ratan Kumar: Improving Study and Exam Results (Manurewa, South Auckland)

6 years back I was a student sitting challenging computer engineering exams. To be honest, I was struggling to pass. The Art of Living techniques came as a soothing breeze to bring that immense peace with in. And gradually things started changing to such an extent that I started enjoying my exams as relaxed. As a student, it has been more than a life transforming experience which helped me reinvent myself into a person who will not get tense in a situation. The Art to Living has helped bring out the best in me.  Because of these breathing techniques I flew through my engineering exams with a clarity of mind I had never before experienced, and was more surprised than anyone when I won the silver medal for my computer engineering exams.

To The Art of Living I thank you so much for all that you have given me and All that you are doing for the society.

Ratan Kumar, Sr. Computer Programmer, Manukau City Council

Manoj Patel: Chronic Back & Spine Problems (Onehunga, South Auckland)

I had Chronic back pain due to a spine injury in my childhood. This become unbearable in 1997 and consulted some of the best available FRCS doctors and and had a four hour operation to removing my L5S1 disc that had ruptured and was causing unbearable pain and loss of sensation in the lower half on my body.

I never fully recovered in spite of successful operations as the doctors termed it. I had recurring pain, could not bend, and was unable to sleep due to these symptoms. Depressed, life almost seemed over for me.

I migrated to New Zealand and this cold and ever changing weather made it even worse. I now had acute cramps in leg and gradually increasing of loss of sensation around toes and rising to my knee.

In February 2009 I was introduced to Art of living by a friend. I did my Part One course and with my daily breathing practice I found a gradual change in my pain symptoms. Today, after having done the Part2 Art of Living course, I am totally relieved of pain. While I still have to respect my back by sitting in a chair to keep my spine straight, I have forgotten I ever had a spine problem. It is a miracle.

Manoj Patel:  Accountant

Vanesha Lallu: Youth Experience (Blockhouse Bay, Central Auckland)

One of the best decisions I made was to do the Art of Living YES+ (Youth Empowerment Seminar) course. To have these techniques and knowledge at such a young age has helped me immensely. Before it was hard for me to focus in lectures, or just to keep my attention on one thing for more than 20minutes. It was hard for me to study, and I didn’t “get things” quickly cause I tuned out most of the time.

After doing the course I noticed that I was alert in class and not cause I had to be but because I wanted to be. My grades went up and my study time was cut in half!! So more time to play.

Its so easy to forget who you are, and what you are really meant to be doing; what’s really important. And you really forget now to be happy.

Just being happy without reason is such a blessing. Art of Living reminded me that I deserved to be happy.

Vanesha Lallu, University Student

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Great article Daniel – so inspiring to read everyone’s experiences. I’m definitely going to fly up to hear Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s talk – hope to see you there!!

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Down with stress and up with big smiles I say!

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One course impacting in so many different ways, something to check out.

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Sounds fantastic; I have booked my tickets online from Ticket Direct. Such a great opportunity to experience meditation in the presence of a Guru.

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I’m impressed…thinking of joining today itself as I’m having a problem of insomnia…hope the course will solve my problem

Rachna Giri January 3, 2019 at 10:16 pm

I’m impressed…will the course help me solve my problem of sleeplessness?thinking of joining today itself…sounds great

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