Example of how a different thought leads to a different result

by Daniel Batten on February 22, 2010

A lot of people hear “thought become things” and “we create our own reality” and “before you can achieve it you must envision it” and the either

1. believe it but don’t do it

2. don’t really believe it: it all sounds a little “airy fairy”.

As a Math& Science scholar, I used to be in the 2nd camp. However, I also believed that part of being scientific was witholding judgment until you’d run an experiment. So I tried several experiments on this in my own life.

The results astounded me.

In business.

And in personal life.

I continue now to see evidence of how thoughts become things every single day. A few days ago for example this happened: I put a blog entry up where I was talking about “the question behind the question”. Within minutes, I had a posting from a Mr John Miller saying that he had a trademark on that phrase, and respectfully, would I reword the quote. What would you be thinking at this point?

1. What a hassle?

2. How can anyone claim ownership to the English language?

3. Good on him for having the initiative?

4. Wow, he must be thinking similar things to me – how cool is that. Lets check out his website?

I thought the latter, checked out his website which was full of great stuff relevant to my work. Then I reworded the article (which benefitted from the edit). I also saw that his website would be of interest to my blog readers, so I included a link in the blog entry, then sent him an email sincerely complimenting him on his site, and thanking him for bringing the trademark to my attention so I could do the right thing.

His response blew me away.

“Danny, you are a high-integrity guy and I thank you!

Please shoot me your mailing address as I’m delighted to send you a free copy of each of my 3 titles.

If you’d like them.

Thanks for being you! And for the link!”

A few days later, the 3 books arrived, “The Question Behind The Question” and 2 other excellent reads. I devoured them that very afternoon. There is gold in there about personal accountability, and any manager in any organization will want to read them for themselves.

The same day I was contacted by a previous client when I’d been working in the corporate world. He wanted internal training for his staff. The major theme that he said the company was grappling with was personal accountability, and would I put in a proposal for helping with this which he could get approved. The proposal is currently being considered by senior management, so watch this space. Needless to say, the quality of the proposal was greatly enhanced by John’s 3 books.

This occurred because of a thought. Had I thought a different thought, I would have taken a different action. Had I taken a different action, I would have got a different result. You can do all the SMART goal setting in the world, but if you haven’t sorted out your own thoughts, then you are trying to build a sky-scraper on quicksand. You may get occasional success, but it will be hard-going, stressful, and risky for yourself and others.

Most people ignore what they think and say, and only try to change their actions (behaviors) then wonder why this approach fails.

First control your thoughts, then control your speech, then look at your actions.

Commit today to put in place a practice that will help you first become conscious of, and second control your thoughts. This is the fastest way to start creating better results without “drag”

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