Do not seek financial freedom

by Daniel Batten on December 8, 2009

Have you noticed that there are more books on the market than ever about seeking financial freedom, yet most people reading them do not become financially free? I believe that books on financial freedom are excellent vehicles for creating financial freedom … for the author.

These books have their place, but seeking financial freedom is the wrong starting point. The right starting point is to find out what you love, and then get really good at it. However, this is still only the starting point. Then is the time to leverage your mastery by:

a. building a sustainable vehicle (company, solo-practice, career or otherwise) for your mastery
b. learning the key “leverage-accelerant”: influence (with your customers, voters, prospects, employees, advisors, stakeholders, and other influencers) In simple terms, sustainable financial success requires you to do three things, in order:

* discover what you love,
* master what you love, and
* leverage what you love.

Go for leverage without the first bits and it’s going to be tough to sustain, and not much fun to boot. Go for discovery and mastery (the “just do what you love and the money will come” school of thought) and what you love may become a “labour-of-love”.

Put all three together in the right sequence and you’ve got the right formula. The next trick is to remember that “we become what we rehearse” so never endure long periods of long hours doing things you don’t enjoy: you will only train yourself to be very good at putting things you enjoy and are good at on hold.  More on this next week.

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