Perfection or Connection: choose one

by Daniel Batten on January 12, 2010

Have you noticed that people are placing more emphasis on imperfect (yet “real”) blogs, and tiring of faultless presentations and all-too-slick marketing? When you hear someone being “real” and spontaneous in a work or business conversation it’s like drinking from a tank of ice-cold water after days in a desert.

In order to go rock-climbing, you need some “nooks” to grab onto. If the surface is too smooth, there is nothing to grab onto. Same in communication: too shiny and no-one will be able to connect with you. Ironically, it’s the human imperfections that allow connection to take place.

People sometimes ask me “How do I connect?” It’s a little like a fish asking itself “how do I get wet?”– you are already connected . Focus on eliminating the things that break the connection. Remember the things that are the same about you and the person you are talking to. Be natural. Show genuine interest in them. Don’t allow your “intended outcome”: to be bigger than the person you are talking to, or they will smell it – just like you do when someone treats you like a task to complete, rather than a human to relate to.

Prepare and rehearse – absolutely. But rehearse for connection, not perfection, because these days the best presentations are good conversations.

Perfection or connection: choose one.

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