Do you use these connection-breakers when speaking?

by Daniel Batten on February 17, 2010

There are two words you can eliminate from your language in order to double the amount of information people can take on board from you.

“er” or “um.” : –

Technically – these are not words at all.

When spoken, those two sounds are known as “fillers” or “unwords,” because they have no meaning.

Remember this mantra when you speak next: unwords undo influence!

Jerry Weissman – America’s leading executive speaking coach says “I can tell you with absolute

certainty that unwords undercut any presenter’s effectiveness because they produce a perception of


The secret I reveal in my ebook “The 6 Secrets of Incredible Influence” is not only to remove fillers, but to replace with pauses.

Darren Lacroix, during his successful campaign to win the 2001 World Championship of public speaking spent 6 months evaluating footage of past the winners and also-rans.

He noticed that winning speakers all paused for longer than even other “above average” speakers.

This corresponds with my findings in my ebook “The 6 Secrets of Incredible Influence” once again. The great influencers in history turned awkward pauses into poignant pauses. Pausing gives the person you are talking the chance to visualise and internalize what you have just said.

If you don’t leave them this space, this visualisation and internalizing never occurs: you get no result, and they get frustrated with you.

It is the difference between a speeding train rushing to reach its destination without stopping at the train-station, and the train that pauses to let the passengers come with them. Sure – in the first case you get there faster, but what is the point if no-one is “on board”?

Replace your fillers with pauses and reap the reward of people listening to you like they never have before.

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