Does wheatgrass help you connect with people?

by Daniel Batten on February 17, 2009

This Sunday St Columba Centre was the first ever Bravishi Conquer seminar. It was an incredible day for many people. I wont be giving too much away here, but the thing I do want to focus on today was a little experiment we tried.

We decided that if people were to authentically conveyed their vision, they would have to be fuelled by an authentic source of intensity: and that wasn’t going to come from what you typically get on seminars: coffee, tea, sugar sweets, plus lots of carbs for lunch and biscuits at morning and afternoon tea. We declared the day one of “natural aspiration” – and fuelled people up on wheatgrass shots and freshly squeezed fruit and vege juices. One person commented that ” I would say as a result of the food and drink you gave us, you got a lease to 30% more consistently high energy levels from people throughout the whole day” – and that was from a person who does not normally eat or drink this sort of food.

We kicked off the day with a “wheatgrass challenge” using wheatgrass as a metaphor for the days learnings: initially outside your comfort zone – but full of power and punch. It was a great initiation ritual that everyone loved, genuinely seemed to power people up – without the energy lulls. It was a lot of fun, and no-one said they missed the coffee.

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