Free Love

by Daniel Batten on October 23, 2009

Have you noticed that between 2007 and today a shift has occurred, driven by the second wave of Internet? In ’94 when I started researching online behaviour, the Internet was about high-value free content. It became about ‘information’ and ‘to-buy’ business models, and has now come full circle back to high-value content, and lots of free product.

Recently, Monty Python DVDs were put online for free on Youtube. Shortly after, the sale of their DVDs increased 23,000% on Amazon. Leveraging free-love is good business!

Closer to home, in 2006 Biomatters which I co-foundered 3 years earlier launched product #2, for free. We had some initial work to convince investors, but today the same company sells into over 65 export markets, pulling significant global revenues.

Have you noticed that things we once valued in the past are now commodities? An idea is a commodity, it is elegant execution that matters now. For almost-free, you can get a logo, a legal agreement, an accountancy service or any information on any subject you need. As a result, professionals and consultants have to re-invent themselves, or their value will be diminished. India is now rivaling the work that many professionals in the West do, and wherever they lag today, they will not in 3 years. Free-love is changing business.

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