New Job Strategies: From Cut-out to Stand-out

by Daniel Batten on January 31, 2010

Here’s one sure-fire way to get noticed and employed: tell the truth. That’s right, tell the real story (RS) – not the shiny superficial saga (which a CV does). Read the original incendiary  article

Why does daring to tell the real story work better than doing a stock-standard CV?

1. You make life easy for your future employer, who will online-search you anyway if they are interested. Don’t wait ’til they are interested; don’t make it hard. People employ people who make their life easy. Start now. Give them the links  now  and arouse their curiosity  now.

2. It overcomes the “Nick Kershaw” problem. In the 1980s, we all liked Nik Kershaw, but not enough to buy him – and most people hated Madonna – but a few liked her enough to buy her. Whether it’s the music industry or the job market, the prize is for being bought, not being liked. An RS shows more of what’s unique about you. Your RS communicates a point-of-difference and a personality. It dares to take a stand, which will turn off some and attract others to you.

3. It is more memorable. People remember stories, but forget facts. An RS tells a story about you which means  you  will stick in their memory

4. When you can be honest in a self-deprecating way it gets you massive trust. If you first reveal a weakness, then once you talk about your strengths, people will believe you more. Can you imagine that being valuable in the context of getting a job?

5. It is a proven phenomenon that people relax when you dare to be vulnerable. It takes the conversation from “candidate-employer” to “human-human”. That’s a miles better place to start. That’s where winners start.

6. The RS is a 21st  Century Tool, not a 19th  Century tool. You get brownie-points by using the Internet tools that everyone is using to make information-gathering easier and faster, rather than pretending they don’t exist.

The secret is not to overdo it. Drop one quirky statement into your RS only. They want someone who is fun and professional. Be in the middle of the continuum between boring and buffoon.

Will you feel scared writing this way? Yes (initially). Will it work? Yes. Will everyone like it: no. Will you get job interviews from it? Yes.

Or, you could go back to using CV – a corpse of a format which leaves the prospective employer dead bored and dead-confused about who to interview. Speaking from my own experience and interviewing other employees they are generally left thinking “I have no idea how to choose, I have no idea who this is”. CVs create an afternoon nap for the reader. RSs create real connection with the reader. Your move.

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