The Galileo / Aristotle Paradox

by Daniel Batten on February 15, 2010

Logic is not the predominant way people make decisions. Its only the way people rationalise decisions after they’ve been made.

Even if you get someone to agree that they are wrong, that is no guarentee they will change their behavior. Galileo unwittingly proved this.

In Italy, Galileo proved conclusively in front of his peers through an experiment based on measured accelleration down a slope (and also legend has it by dropping two objects off the Leaning Tower of Piza) that objects fell towards earth at the same rate as eachother irrespective of their mass.

Galileo’s theory of motion was correct, and Aristotle’s was wrong, but the professors continued to teach Aristotle because it was what they knew.

85% of the population are conformists because of the way we are schooled. This means that most people favor the “wrong but familiar” over the “right but different” even if it has been logically shown that the “wrong” way is tremendously damaging to oneself, one another, or the planet.

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