How to leverage yourself by getting something published

by Daniel Batten on August 17, 2009

The other day someone commented to me about an article I wrote in the Herald almost 2 years ago about the Green Party, reminding me that the next day, the Herald reported that a storm had been kicked up on the Green party and 2 yrs on they’d moved in the direction suggesting since the article. There were a lot of influencers on them and this article was but one, but it did appear to have some impact and was the first in what became an ongoing debate on the issue I brought up. I don’t very often write for publication, I have on 10 – of which 8 were published.

I don’t consider myself a natural writer – I always got “average” in school til I learnt a special formula for doing it (outside school) that anyone can apply with a little training and practice. Its all part of the bigger theme of how you convey your passion. If you want to know more, I’ve put down a summary here, and contact me if you want training on how to master each of these steps – which takes very little time, because when you are writing for publication, all you have to worry about is the content (which is the easier bit)!

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