Using the enthusiasm process to enhance goal-setting

by Daniel Batten on February 8, 2010

Enthusiasm is the most important injection you can have into your goal-setting objectives. Why? Because without enthusiasm, most people will not be able to stick at their goals.

So is there a process that you can use to become more enthusiastic in goal setting? Absolutely .

This works because you anchor a state of enthusiasm to your goals. I suggest you use one of juggling/ tongue-twisters/ laughing yoga/ acting warmups immediately before you think of your goals.

Many people will think I’m crazy, but I’m not writing for them – I’m writing for people who are willing to put their ego to one side and put their fear of being foolish to one side, and use extraordinary tools to get extraordinary results…. or you can go back to doing what you are already doing.

Like anything in life, its your call.


  1. Turn to the person next to you and tell them your name and one thing you want to create in your life. I encourage you to not to edit but to share exactly what’s on your piece of paper because sharing it makes it more likely yet again to occur “ Go.
  2. Now place your hands on your shoulders like this <and again if you see anyone doing this “ for their sake and yours because their lack of energy is catching just like enthusiasm is catching “ inspire them to give their all. 3 sounds and three gestures that are going to get our body into a biochemical state ready to embody sustained enthusiasm. Standup and warmup. Articulatory agility…
  3. A tool actors use to make the voice more expressive by forcing the entire vocal repertoire to engage in the process of creating the sound waves that fall on the ears of the people who you seek to inspire. With your tongue out.
  4. Now keeping your tongue out read out your goal.
  5. Put your tongue back in your mouth, read out your goal.
  6. Turn to the person next to you and in the same state of absolute enthusiasm and animation, with all your enthusiasm tell them your goal.

Was it more enthusiastic the second time or less. A lot more or a little more. The people listening, did you feel more enthusiastic listening when they were enthusiastic or less.

That’s because enthusiasm is the opposite of yawning and its even more contagious. But hang on: “making people enthusiastic is hard right. It need 3 years of elocution and presentation or management training. No: it needs 3 minutes of enthusiasm training.

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