how story wakes up the imagination and why you can’t afford to not use them

by Daniel Batten on January 14, 2010

Have you noticed how story captures the imagination and provides the container for information to fall into?   See most people say – I haven’t got time for the story – I’ll just give them the information. But the human mind doesn’t work that way – that’s the way computers work – so you have just reduced the status of every warm-bodied human in the room to a cold hard computational device. It just like if you all wanted a drink of water, and I said “I don’t have time to give each of you a small glass container to put it in – cup your hands and I’ll start pouring. Information is the water. Story is the container. Give them the container first. See when you are speaking you must understand the difference between quenching and drenching.

See the intellect is a rottweiler and the imagination is its owner. And when we go straight for intellectual understanding through information without waking up the imagination first – that’s when we get mauled. As I did in San Diego. I didn’t have a pitch because I didn’t have a story.

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