why the information age did not make us smarter

by Daniel Batten on January 18, 2010

This age is called the information age.

When it comes to hardware performance – the advancement have been mega-impressive. when it comes to organic hardware performance (how we communicate to eachother) We are celebrating being in the age of the caterpillar.


Because we have forgotten that humans absorb information differently to computers and we all think our job is done the moment we have done our “information download”. But nothing has been absorbed by the poor soul we’ve just bored/confused/frustrated.

“In every age, the cautious cling to the old – the bold let go of the old, and gain something new. But the wise grab the best of the new and augment it with the best of the old.”

Step 1: Grab the best computers for sure – but don’t stop there.
Step 2: update your own organic hard-drive by overhauling your ability to relay information the

human->human way. Learn how to speak as well as you possibly can.

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