Invaluable Free Online Tools that save money and work beautifully

by Daniel Batten on October 14, 2009

These tools are useful stuff from people who “get” that services and processes are becoming commodities: the value is in creating relevance, engagement and meaning for people.

I don’t own stakes in any of these companies – I just love giving a plug for people and companies who are making people’s lives better through tools that add great value – based on the fantastic new business model called “give it away” These companies earn money through business-model innovation.

It you ever pay for conference calls, or use unreliable skype connections, don’t

International calling on phone card? Why not do it for free?

Want to edit photos professionally without paying $800-$1600 for photoshop?

Use a free and awesome email marketing and list management programme for up to 500-people?
(this sort of thing used to cost a lot just back in 2007 only)


OK – I know these aren’t technically “tools” but skim them and think of them as tools to shift your thinking so you adopt a winning business model.

How to raise your twitter profile by doing the right thing

Would you like to increase sales by 23,000%? Why giving it away works
Almost free

If you are tired of viruses and clunky iTunes/iPod integration and want to switch to another operating system but don’t want the hassle of downtime and backing up – there is a cable called “Switch to Mac” that integrates everything. It costs $US49.

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