Having 10 Commandments: quirky or necessary?

by Daniel Batten on February 7, 2010

Business is not a religion – but it does follow commandments.

Google has them. So do many companies. So does “Beyond the Ceiling”. I recommend everyone in business get these, print these out and put them somewhere you see them daily. And I recommend every leader develop your own personal set of commandments.


1. Because they give you crystal-clarity about what is “below the ceiling” and what is “above the ceiling” behavior.

2. Because these 10 commandments hold you to account. Its not about beating up on yourself if you fall short, its about accountability. Dare to hold yourself to account, because people who hold themselves to account win.

To give you an example, I’m disclosing my own 10 commandments. These  include things that I might “chicken out of doing” without having them to keep me to account every day.

The 10 Beyond The Ceiling Commandments  (Embody Daily)

  1. Thou shalt engage authentically in all communication
  2. Thou shalt stay true to thy stated business purpose: grow thyself, thy family and the planet.
  3. Thou shalt care for people, not outcomes
  4. Thou shalt work out ways to better leverage yourself
  5. Thou shalt do one thing that is a stretch for you daily
  6. Thou shalt keep organized in all ways, including weekly planning, financial projections, and goal setting
  7. Thou shalt develop systems that help raise the AQ of people everywhere, irrespective of their budget, and including free.
  8. Thou shalt be happy right now
  9. Thou shalt apply what you write about to thine own business
  10. Thou shalt have big vision, and work in great teams to get there

What might yours be? That depends what you avoid doing most that you need to do. It also depends on what inspires you. If for example you are do longer doing the things you truly love in business – you need to put up there “Thou that do what thou lovest every day”. If you are scared of making sales calls – think about the emotion (fear) behind the behaviour (making a sales call) – and make a commandment out of that.

For example “Thou shalt do something that scares you every day”. Think of all the examples in the past of when you did something scary (personal or work life) and how that got you a result that otherwise would have been impossible.

Will your business change tomorrow when you do this?


No more than a seed planted today will bear fruit tomorrow.

But it will do something very important for you: it will start you thinking about the qualities you need to be in your business. And conceptualising preceeds actualising, which is just a fancy way to say what you already know that before you can do it you have to think of it. What is “it”? The new rules of your business you are about to start establishing.

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