How to show you have what they need during a job interview

by Daniel Batten on February 26, 2010

I don’t often begin this way – but something is different this time. The strategy suggested here is so powerful that the results sound beyond-belief.

So I am going to begin this entry with a challenge. I challenge anyone to come up with a strategy, an approach, a technique, or a tool that is more effective at landing job offers than this one. I could be wrong – there may be a more powerful tool. If there is, I would love to know about it.

Have you noticed that when you tell someone something, it creates doubt?

However, when you show them “ it creates certainty?

And isn’t it true that to get employed, you must fcreate certainty that you have what it takes in the minds of the interviewers?

So how do you create cetainty? The easiest way to create this certainty is to understand the diference between showing and telling.

Using these steps below, you will discover how to “show not tell” . The result is that your interviewer wont be left thinking she might have what it takes“ by the end of the interview she will be thinking she has what it takes “I saw it with my own eyes” .

That’s because rather than do what most people do which is tell them something doubtable , you showed them valuable .

It’s the difference between a stand-up comic telling a joke, versus a stand-up comic saying “I’m a very funny person” . Which would you rather hear? Same applies to your interviewer: they want to be shown, not told.

Yet most people end up like the second type of comic “ telling their prospective employer “I have great communcation and team-work skills” rather than showing it.

So how can you show, not tell your new employer what’s valuable about you? This secret below will show you how.

Practice a question you know that they will either ask, or that you will have an opportunity to incorporate in your answer. Such as “why do you think you will be good in this job?

50% of the time, the interviewer will ask some variant of this question. And if they don’t, simply knowing in your mind why you are ideal for that job somehow almost telepathically transmits through to them even if you don’t even use your words.

They will pick up subconsciously on the fact that you know you’ll be great at this job and why through your body language and the inflexion of your voice.

Here is an illustration of how, in 2 minutes, you can show rather than tell that you have all the attributes a company would ever want.

Q: Why do you think you have what it takes to do this job

A: Well, from what I can see of your company, I believe you put the emphasis on teamwork relationship building and excellent customer services. Now yes its true I’ve tried to build these skills through my career, but something more than that “ I’ve learnt the importance of these things because … to be honest, I haven’t always had them.

There was a time in my career where I was too intent on putting my nose down, shutting out the world and working until the job was done. The consequence of doing my own thing meant I would not put enough time and to relationship-building, and it meant I didn’t hold the customer in the same highest level of esteem that was necessary for a company to thrive.

Something happened in my life, which caused me to re-evaluate this approach, and perhaps one day I will share this with you. But afterwards, I gained an awareness of where I was lacking. I undertook to correct myself such that now, the most common feedback I get from employers is that I am a model of relationship building, customer service and teamwork skills.

I believe that not always having these attributes, has qualified me to understand their importance and take them to a higher level than if I had simply always been that way. This has allowed me to stand before you today and say within confidence “I have the teamwork, relationship-building and excellent customer services skills that your company demands, in this role here today.”

Think about how powerfu this answer is. What does it show.

– Does it show the ability to self-reflect?

– Does it show that you are honest?

– Does it show humility?

– Does it show you have the capacity to grow?

– Does it show you are a real person, not the pretend cut-out of perfection that most people hold up in their CVs and interviews?

– Does it show (rather than just tell) that you have great communication skills?

– Does it leave you more likely to believe what this person says because you decided to show (not just tell)  your honesty one minute earlier when you revealed  some past flaws.

And here’s the most important question of all, are the qualities you have shown not exactly the qualities that your interviewer will need to see in order to want to employ you immediately?

Ask yourself “how can I show not tell” and you will be ahead of 95% of other job candidates without changing a single other thing.

You will end up with multiple job offers and be able to use this to not only gain your dream job, but negotiate your dream package.

PS: In case you are thinking “sounds good in theory, but I would never use that” or “sounds interesting, but does it work?” then its important I let you know that I used this strategy myself before I started my own company. The result? : I sent in 3 CVs. The 3 CVs lead to 3 job interviews. The 3 job interviews lead to 4 job offers. Each of the companies offered me a job, as did the employment agency. You are probably thinking “well easy for you to say – you just had the right qualifications … plus you are good looking.” Well you would be completely wrong … about the first bit! Seriously though – I did not have direct experience in any of the jobs I went for, there were other candidates better qualified, and I was applying for a job during a recession.

This technique works. There is no doubt about it. The only doubt is whether you decide to use it and get new results.

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