How Do Outside Circumstances Affect Sound Business Advice?

by Daniel Batten on August 16, 2010

It’s been great to see people from all over the world taking up the new 7-day online mentoring program. Recently someone from Russia asked me the following:

“I live in Russia now and we have here some “local features”. High level of corruption for example, the very special mentality etc. So, do you have students from Russia who succeeded through your book?”

It is a good question. Feeling into the question more, I realized that this was not the real question that needed answering, and there was another deeper question that needed to be answered about business: a question that anyone in any country could have voiced, and which often stops people in business moving ahead.

Here is my response – edited so it is applicable to all:

Thank you for your question. I do not have students in Russia currently so cannot speak directly about the corruption you mention. What I know is this: all countries have their own unique challenges. In UK, its registering a company in the first place, in NZ its the fact it is difficult run a multi-million dollar business by only selling locally (only 4 Million people), in other countries it is corruption for example, or economic recession.

What I have noticed is that businesses become successful in small and large, corrupt and non-corrupt, bureaucratic and non-bureaucratic countries, in boom or bust economies.

There are always many outside factors that people may choose to cite as reasons for not being successful. However, successful entrepreneurs never buy into that. What matters much more than any external circumstances is your business-mindset (which is why I dedicate half of my new book to this).

Adverse outside circumstances is like a hill. A hill is only an obstacle if you haven’t found the ignition switch to your car (your business mindset). Once you have your mind in gear and the engine roaring – you have the ability to take in any hill.

I trust this helps, and thank you once more for your question.

May you live beyond the ceiling!


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