Love is more powerful than fear

by Daniel Batten on October 8, 2009

As a mother, I knew well that my son was in the danger zone: young, male, on the road not just in a car but on a motorcycle. His first accident happened within hours of buying his first motorbike. Then there were others.

When I heard the roar of that engine, I hated the beast. My heart filled with dread and fear. I imagined horrific scenarios which ended with a maimed, dead body.
After a phone call from A&E to hear of yet another narrow escape, I drove to the hospital to bring him home. His leg was badly scraped,  but that was all. That night I reflected on how what I dreaded kept coming to pass. I realised that I was surrounding my son with negative expectations each time he roared out onto the road. What a terrible thing to do! I never did it with anything else he aspired to.
I resolved to change this. From that day on, whenever he went riding I remembered what a competent and sensible person he was, in his very core. I saw him learning from his mistakes. I trusted his ability to take care of himself. I trusted his will to live and enjoy life. l surrounded him with love. I saw him driving off in a cloud of light and love.
Maybe it was a coincidence that his accidents became fewer, that he survived and eventually sold the bike. All I know is that my love and trust in my son, that had been greatly tested, came through strongly. This helped me to come survive those years. Perhaps it helped him too.
Juliet Batten (mother of Daniel Batten)

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