Positive Predictions – 2010

by Daniel Batten on January 17, 2010

I stumbled about a heart-warming brain-engaging alternative to New Year’s resolutions the other day. If you are serious about having fun and being successful at the same time with this year’s outcomes, you will want to check out http://blog.mrfire.com/

It sounded fun so I followed my rule of withholding judgment, giving it a go and seeing what happened. I had a go and found it powerful… some things have started happening already. Here are my positive predictions for 2010. I invite you to put together yours too and share them with me, with your friends and with strangers. Why? Because it will make your outcomes far more likely to manifest. If you write them down and share them you’ll already be doing more towards realising your goals than 90% of people. You then have many people

Daniel Batten’s Positive Predictions for 2010

2010 marked the year that spirituality changed from being a fashion, to a necessity.

It was also the start of the decade that saw GenX become the majority of senior managers and CEOs globally. With them they brought new ideas on leading teams that were centred on authenticity and win-win rather than “getting the most out of people”. They also insisted that the old-skool businesses that were not living “green” values beyond their marketing pitches started to get real before they went out of business and took the planet with them.

2012 saw more people than ever before start to use the Internet as a source of positive personal development, realising that the Internet was like one big “TradeMe” with products that could not be promoted beyond their worth, or the provider’s reputation would be mud overnight.

On a personal level, I had television appearances about “why it is morally imperative for even a communist to go into business and succeed at it.” which inspired many people to go into business – and others already in business to find a way of doing it that lead to the freedom they had ceased to believe was possible.

I completed my book “Business is Spiritual” – which became a best-seller, despite (or perhaps because of) the negative predictions of others.

I was invited to give 3 international keynotes on his book, and also appeared on local television talking about its significance in 2010: being the year that spirituality turned from a fashion into a necessity.

Our family moved to a home next to the sea with more space for the family, which had always been my dream since growing up next to Bethells Beach as a child. Being the decade that most senior managers would become GenX, I ran specialist seminars for companies on inspiring GenX/GenY leadership with a trusted business associate and GenY expert.

With redundancies and fear plaguing 2009, I started helping employees find more inspiring jobs by helping them quickly find and successfully present their own remarkability. I released audio-programmes to help this when the volume for one-on-one coaching exceeded the hours in my business week.

I stopped doing the last remaining things in my business that I didn’t really enjoy and that took too much of my time, and the energy released from this decision surprised even me.

Knowing that
1. being in a mastermind group
2. getting ongoing coaching
were the most important ingredients to turn predictions into outcomes – I committed to remaining part of my mastermind group, and continuing my own ongoing coaching from the best available in each area I needed assistance.

I started a Monday Night improv class  because

1. it was fun, and because

2. it is one of the fastest ways to become a more inspiring leader. I loved the subversive idea that learning leadership could be outrageous fun – the sort of fun most of us stopped telling ourselves we were entitled to, as kids (see Sir Ken Robinson). The money people gave was by donation, and all profits went to sponsor the S.O.U.L 2014 project (School Of Unlimited Learning)

Your move.



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Jasmine January 21, 2010 at 3:33 am

LOVE IT! Also loving that we’re to continue on our ‘Master’ plan together!! ROCK ON, BABY!!!! Thank you for who you are. Love and blessings to you, my dear friend.xx

pure acai berry supplements February 13, 2010 at 5:23 pm

The paranormal has always interested me.There’s something about the things we don’t understand….Hopefully someday our science will catch up.

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