Presenting with Powerpoint

by Daniel Batten on May 17, 2009

People often ask me what I think of powerpoint – and are surprised when I say “It’s a great tool” – expecting me to say “You are better off without it, all you need is your own incredible influencing skills”.

The problem is, most people render themselves a tool to powerpoint. Powerpoint goes centre-stage, and they play a bit part, drawing attention to the slides and images. The slides and images should draw attention to you! How to do this? – here are some tips

1. One high-res picture (not clipart) + one title + one declarative statement. And no bulletpoints. Bullet points are so named because they describe what your audience is imagining going through your torso when they see a big boring list.   Add “black slides” – slides with not white, but a black image, so that the “limelight goes back on you”

2. never look at the powerpoint. What a great way to break your connection with the audience, and tell them you don’t know your material at the same time.

3. Make your powerpoints reinforce points you’ve already made through key choices of words, quotes, graphs, and images: your powerpoint supports you that way rather than you being a bit-part to the all-powerful powerpoint.

Use these tips well, and you have a great tool. PS: check out this “Life After Death By Powerpoint”: best presentation on powerpoint I’ve seen! More cool links on powerpoint do’s and don’ts:

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danielbatten November 13, 2009 at 1:29 am

Here’s another blogger writing on the subject: great “Einstein quote” – hadn’t seen that one.

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