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by Daniel Batten on November 12, 2009

I took on Jasmine Platt as a personal relationship trainer for 2 reasons. 1. I have a relationship with my wife that is already very good and I wanted to get that edge and make it extraordinary. 2. I am a father with a teenage daughter and wanted practical ways to know how to keep our relationship strong while still guiding her a period of great transition in her life. Over the last few years, work became more and more busy. After having children we had less quality time for eachother.

Jasmine was a God-send. In the very first session, both of us achieved a huge breakthrough which has already taken our relationship to a new level of fulfilment. It feels like I am having a committed elopement with the woman of my dreams. Jasmine is like a “couples whisperer” – I don’t know quite how she does it but she has got results for us beyond what we imagined possible. We look forward to each session: they are profound and fun at the same time. It’s a highlight of our week where we come out after with more excitement for eachother and our future. It’s like when we first started dating again only better and deeper. As a result of what’s were doing in the relationship, I’m finding that I’m also more relaxed an friendly at work, with friends and with the whole family.

I would recommend Jasmine to any couple. Especially those that don’t want to grow old wondering how great their relationship could have been if they really dared to make it a priority. With my teenage daughter, over the years I have thought “I just need to do more work then I will have more time and energy for my daughter”.

Sometimes I thought “oh well she is a teenage girl, what could I possible have to do with her life that would be of value to her?” Jasmine showed me how to create meaningful time with my daughter right now in a way that has deepened the levels of depth, trust ans involvement, and engagement for both of us. She is happier and I feel again for the first time in a very long time that I have something meaningful to contribute to her life. Without Jasmine I might have lived the rest of my life regretting we were not closer.You just can’t put a price on the sort of turnaround she has facilitated.

Jasmine is Auckland, NZ based and can be contacted on 021-375-050.

Disclosure of interest: None. Though when she starts selling shares in I’ll buy some, at which point you can call me biased.

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