Why Does Every Professional Need a Rice Sack?

by Daniel Batten on April 14, 2011

What are some of the professional skills you get told you need today, either in work or in business:

– leadership skills,

– sales skills,

– management skills,

– customer service skills,

– pitching skills,

– presentation skills,

– meeting skills and

– interview skills

Do not notice that if you lack the skill to bring others on board – none of these skills matter?

Trying to pick up these skills one-by-one is like trying to pick up rice grain-by-grain with your hands. You get there eventually – but its not as good as putting the rice in a sack and moving the whole sack.

Influence is the rick-sack that allows you to move all these skills together in the right direction – fast and without rework.

It turns out there are only six components to becoming someone who can “bring others on board”. So I thought – if I were to share one each week for the next six weeks, would that be valuable?

Lets get started on how to turn “words that create understanding” into “words that inspire action”. By the way, have you noticed that “employee engagement” is now acknowledged as the leading cause of lost productivity in companies?” The next six weeks covers the basics of how to engage not just employees, but anyone.

Informational communication is the process of moving a message from

– your head to

– your mouth, to

– their ears, to

– their head.

Influential communication is the clear, compelling and unobstructed delivery of a message from

1 – your heart

2 – your head

3 – your mouth

4 – their ears

5 – their heart

6 – their head.

Influential Communication not only has an extra two steps, it requires you to use the first four stages differently.

Influence Communication is like a heart with 6 chambers: if you have 5 out of six of the components working really well, and one clogged up, then you will struggle to pump influence into a conversation. Once all 6 are flowing freely, then the way you relate comes to life in a way that will amaze you. That’s why its important to read all six entries I’ll be sending through.

The first three stages represent focus on intrigue.

The last three stages focus on empathy.

Where intrigue fully aligns with empathy – incredible influence just happens.

For me it was the difference between getting laughed at, and getting the funds required to fulfil a vision to start a company that went global.

Next week – we’ll look at the first component: your heart.

PS: not everyone needs these skills. If your job only requires you to convey information to people – then influence is not so important. But if you don’t want to leave the results of what you say to chance, and want people to remember and act upon what you say – then the next few weeks will cover how to increase the likelihood that this occurs.

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aki April 15, 2011 at 11:02 am

you got it…

looking forward to the next comments.



Tony May 2, 2011 at 5:29 pm

well you got my attention Daniel! This is invaluable advice!

Thank you

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