Cleared of Fear, We Have a School of Unlimited Learning

by Daniel Batten on January 17, 2010

According to research in the field of psychology these are the 6 most common types of fear

– failure (making mistakes)

– exposure (being the tall poppy)

– embarasment (being the fool)

– conflict

– rejection

– loss

It is my observation that the last 3 are learn predominantly at home; the top 3 are learnt predominantly over our 12 years of schooling.

Have you noticed that there are certain fears that stop us doing things – taking risks – backing our dreams.

  • The fear to make a mistake,
  • the fear of being a fool and
  • the fear of the unknown

paralise most people.

But these fears are also illusions.

Imagine a school was not a place that caused fear, but an environment of zero-fear.

Imagine a school where children learnt to learn for the inherant joy of learning, and did assignments because they wanted to, and where from the age of 6 they learnt multiple languages and accellerated academically as well as socially, and in their self-esteem at a rate we can only imagine.

Imagine the sort of individuals that would come out of schools if they were treated not only as heads to have information stuffed into.

Imagine if schools treated all subject as of equal importance, rather than gently guiding children away from areas where a well-meaning adult judged that there was “insufficient job opportunity” in that area.

I believe that creativity is as important as literacy – and that children who do what they love do better in all areas of life  (including financial) than they do when forced into an area they do not connect with. Especially as the type of jobs that exist now are changing so fast that the best education we can give a child is to follow their talents and learn to become life-long learners.

This is occurring in 140 schools in India right now. I visited one school, talked to the administrator and the national trustee and we are in the process of setting up such a school in NZ. This is a big project, that will be completed in 2014. Why then? Because that’s when my youngest daughter turns 5.

This project is a baby right now, however the baby is growing up fast, as this is where a significant portion of Beyond The Ceiling profits have been dedicated to establishing, as part of our own philosophy of “philanthropy as you go“. This is one of the reasons that Beyond The Ceiling came into existence.

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