selling = conviction + service

by Daniel Batten on January 11, 2010

It intrigues me how many people feel apologetic about selling something they truly believe in. I find this fascinating. If you believe in what you do, and you believe that it would be of value to others, and if you are motivated by serving other people – then it is a dis service not to be as great at selling as you can.

Think about a situation where someone benefited from your services recently. You got some money from the transaction which you probably don’t have in your wallet any more. They got a benefit which they still enjoy to this day. So who benefited more from the transaction – them or you?

Feeling shy about asking someone to look at the benefits of what we offer is not “polite”; it is ego (fear of rejection) standing in the way of service.

If you have total conviction in what you do, and you are motivated by serving others then selling comes automatically. If you do not have total conviction in what you do, then find the reason to have conviction, or find something you can have conviction in. Otherwise, what you do will feel like a struggle and your results will be more sporadic.

True selling is the authentic expression of conviction + service.

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