Should you rehearse or be spontaneous?

by Daniel Batten on March 8, 2012

Have you ever gone to a meeting, planning to say something. Then you say it in the meeting and it falls flat? You may at this point decide that there is no point doing planning because it makes you less spontaneous.

You have just missed the point.

You rehearse in order to be spontaneous.

The problem was that you didn’t do enough planning. In other words, you did enough planning to give you one option about what to say – so you had no wiggle-room. With more planning come more options, so you can correctly assess the feel of any meeting, presentation or conversation – and choose the right path.

A living example?

I experimented with this recently. I had to a present a kick-arse product that had many complexities and applications. It needed to look natural and spontaneous, not like a sales pitch. But it still be highly crafted – or the message would not be clear, coherent and compelling.

Here’s how it panned out:

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