The Art of Living

by Daniel Batten on April 17, 2009

What is the Art of Living? Believe it or not, the best lesson I ever got about connecting to people was also the most unexpected – in the middle of a course on “breathing”. The course had manifold other benefits too, but the one I will focus on here is how it helped me connect. You connect to people when you feel at home; a sense of belonging with them. When you feel at home with everyone, you can connect to anyone and it happens so naturally. Ego is nothing but our sense of separateness from others. It makes us stiff and formal. How would you like others to be when they visit your home? Formal or relaxed and smiling? And yet how are we when we talk to strangers.

The lessons you learn on this course are more profound than anything I could teach in Bravishi, because they go from words to the silence within from where all connection and communication stems.

Do the course at the Aotea Centre this March 27-30th. Put aside all reservation, and just do your registration. You will not regret anything – except that you did not do it 10 years earlier.(

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