“The Missing Component of Leadership”

by Daniel Batten on September 3, 2010

Have you ever experienced a person’s leadership where you felt that they lacked “EQ”?

While it is true that as a leader, you need both IQ and EQ: these by themselves are incomplete.

IQ by itself can make you a professor. EQ by itself can make you a coach: but neither of these alone
makes you a leader. There is a third intelligence that matters more than both of these put together.

Think of the last training you had in anything. Are you using all of what you applied? If you are not,
then it is the third type of intelligence that needs to be lifted.

This intelligence is called “AQ” and it measures your ability to consistently apply something you know.

Leaders have this

  • They do not stop at knowing something, and ensuring others know.
  • They do not stop at feeling something and understanding how others feel.
  • They only stop when they are applying what they know and feel; ensuring that those they lead are too.

To raise your AQ requires taking some action. You can do this immediately. A leader with a high AQ,
after reading something new will ask themselves “How can I implement this?”

For example, you may

1. Take one concrete action in the next half-hour that increases what I call your “apply:know ratio”.
2. Apply one small aspect of what you have just read by reflecting on the question
“how can I implement this?”
3. Decide to share something you have read which inspired you with another person – with the intention that by the time you walk away, a positive and mutual change has occurred.

Whether you want to lead others, or simply lead a fulfilled life – raising your AQ is the missing component of leadership.

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Uma Chopra September 12, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Worth thinking about Daniel.

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