The power of intention

by Daniel Batten on January 15, 2013

Being a new year, you are probably thinking about your intentions about now.

No? Then can I suggest you do.

1. They are more important than resolutions
2. They are one of those soft things that manifests hard results
3. Doing it now will set the trajectory for the year ahead.

What is your intention when you do whatever it is you do? Is it to get someone to do something? Or to help someone? I know what you probably tell other people. I’m asking you to be more brutally honest than that. Otherwise, what follows won’t work.

Imagine you want to influence someone. Do you act differently if you think “how can i help people?” versus “how can i get people to buy my ideas?”

Have a goal yes, but recognise that when you make anyone the pawn in your goal, your goal is less likely to materialise. Here’s why:

Can you tell the difference between a sales person out for “the close”, and a sales person who cares about you? Which are you more likely to buy from? So which is more likely to achieve their goal? You may not have considered that this means others can read your intention just as transparently.

So that being the case, isn’t it a good idea to get clear on your intention before you take any action?

The question isn’t so much why would you as “Why wouldn’t you?”

Intentions are like soil. And having a clear, authentic intention can be the difference between trying to plant this years crop in fertile soil, versus planting in poor soil.

A good farmer, faced with a slow growing crop will down tools and pause to look at the soil.
The average farmer will say “I am too busy planting to do that” then go back to hard toil in poor soil.
If your crops are not growing, look at the soil. If your goals are not getting realised, look at your intentions.

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Juliet January 16, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Makes lots of sense. The intention to serve others in the best possible way (including referring them on if necessary) leaves everyone feeling good.

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