Job Strategies: beyond the un-remarkable middle is the remarkable edge

by Daniel Batten on January 12, 2010

Just listening to Seth Godin’s keynote to Google inc – which I found out about on (check it out – enter your interests and it recommends you websites to literally stumble upon. Kind of like your own virtual friend whispering “check this out, you might like it” when you ask her to).

Seth says two real standout things about how marketing has changed. It struck me that this applies equally to the job-market now.

1. “it is at the edges that people will wait in line. It is at the edges that people will buy your product”. He points out that Mini (and Hummer for a while)  succeeded where GM did not, and no-one wanted any of GM’s mid-range cars, cos they were unremarkable (ie: not worth making a remark about).
2. if you want people to love your product, you better love your product, or no-one else is going to: we are in the era of emotional marketing.

Take-outs for me:

1. in the job-market you are the product – so you must find reason to love you, or no-one else will. Learn job-interview techniques without getting clear on your own self-worth and people will smell through your lack of authenticity in a heartbeat – just like you do with insincere sales-people.

2. there are training people to be “above average”, take them through training (based on 30+ year old paradigms including behaviourism). I contend that these have passed their used-by date, and my own experiments with these methods against emerging ones like Seth Godin talks about verifies this.  You must address questions of authenticity, emotional marketing, marketing yourself at the edges and how to achieve connection – not perfection. Otherwise, you will not stand out – and your results are left to chance because you are using the same  approach that everyone else is.

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