What are the 5 levels of manifestation? How to manifest at the highest level.

by Daniel Batten on February 4, 2010

There are 5 levels of manifestation.

The first level is where you strive (or don’t strive) and no matter what you do, get nowhere. This is how most people manifest.

The second level is where you strive and drive towards a focussed goal, and through the dogged strength of your mind and your ambition you get eventually get there. This is how people using SMART and other left-brain goal-setting techniques manifest. These people skillfully avoid taking negative actions.

The third level is where you do some work, and very soon after things fruit without much effort. This is how people who use both left and right brain (head and heart) in relationship building manifest. These people skillfully avoid negative actions or words about anyone.

The fourth level is where you have a thought, and as you have that thought it is brought into existence without delay. This is how people who use head, heart and spirit in building relationships manifest. These people skillfully avoid negative actions, words and thoughts about anyone.

The highest level of manifestation is where your desires are fulfilled before the need even arrises in your mind. These people act from “how can I serve” – not “what can I get?”; they are silent and still on the inside; dynamic and inspiring on the outside. They are sustained by daily practice, energized by service, and transformed through the company they keep. They do not avoid negative people, their strength is such that all negativity melts away in their presence.

Which level are you manifesting at?

Now you are probably thinking “what level are you then buster?” Well, if you had been with me around the year 2000 you would have seen someone at mostly Level 1 and 2. Thanks to some fantastic processes I picked up (breathing, meditation, and some good old ancient wisdom for modern times) it is now mostly L3->L5… and continuing to head in the right direction. Whatever you do, learn to meditate. Learn to be silent with your own thoughts. Most of the problems in this world are because we have forgotten how to be still with our own thoughts/ our own mind. Nothing special about me. Something very special about the 3-step recipe of meditation, service and being “in the company of truth”.

As a result, today I marvel as a reformed stress-maniac who could only “uni-task” now sustains 2 rewarding and stress-free parallel lives. One for-profit; one not-for-profit.


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Pollen April 12, 2018 at 3:34 am

This is not how I would put it. We are human and make mistakes. There is always negative and it’s not bad. Positivity culture is so toxic. Not everything can be good. Those things are subjective but the reality is we need things that are not positive. We need to cry, we need to be angry, we need pain. Without negative emotions we cannot understand positive ones. According to your chart I’m level 5. I do spirit work and they manifest what I need when I need it and I rarely have to ask them for things now since they know me pretty well. That said though I still have negative emotions, I still judge others as everyone does. I simply remove those ego driven or programmed created thought processes but I can’t do that until I ACCEPT them. That means knowing myself so well I know what I do what I do. Of course I still avoid so called “negative” people, why would I purposely expose myself to someone toxic? I can’t change others and it is that thinking that has led to most of my issues with manifestation practices. I have had others try to change me and it was extremely harmful. They believed positivity is the only way and if you believe in something you can accomplish anything. That is false, each person has their own will and the will and fighting everyone’s will to force your own is pointless. Accept them as they are, accept you are you are, understand what you can and cannot do. Manifestation isn’t going to remove the scary tissue causing my chronic pain. It can help to manage my symptoms but it can’t reverse time. Balance is the key to manifestation. Knowing yourself is key to balance. Staying love and light can lead to willful ignorance, harming others because you “know better”, it creates animosity towards those less fortunate and apathy in general. There are negative aspects to being positive all the time. There are positive consequences to being negative all the time as well as negative consequences. Everything is gray, nothing is 100% positive or negative. This black and white thinking is harmful and creates lines in the sand that cause conflict. We need to work more on acceptance and balance. I don’t avoid taking negative action I accept that it must be done. We cut out diseased organs in order for people to heal. Destruction and negatives is necessary for positivity and creation.

Daniel Batten April 12, 2018 at 9:40 am

Thanks for sharing your perspective

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