“What are your 10 commandments?”

by Daniel Batten on February 16, 2010

People love top 10 lists.

Why do you think the 10 commandments took off? People had been saying this stuff for ages, but when it was put in a top-10 list people had a formula they could apply.

You probably aren’t committing adultery and already love your neighbour – so what are your contemporary, personalized commandments? The ones that really hold you to a higher account. When you get clear on what these are, its like having your own personal coach keeping you on track every day, without even having to pay for the priviledge.

Here are mine. Go do yours. You’ll be surprised by the instant clarity you start to get.

Thou shalt not be boring

Thou shalt do what thou lovest

Thou shall not do things thou doth lovest not

Thou shall not treat life as a project plan

Thou shall operate above the ceiling at all times

Thou shalt be authentic

Thou shalt utilised thy talents to the greatest degree possible

Thou shalt remember: things are done through thee, not by thee

Thou shalt givest more than thou seekest to receive

Thou shalt grow thyself and those around thee

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