“How To Become Incubator-Free”

by Daniel Batten on March 15, 2010

Business incubators, like any sort of incubator are a great innovation to keep something alive that is weak, vulnerable and would otherwise die.

Think about the term ‘incubator’. Your startup business is like a vulnerable baby. But just because a baby is vulnerable, doesn’t mean it necessarily needs incubation.

A baby needs an incubator if:

  • it is gravely ill/ has weak genetics
  • it has been born prematurely
  • it experienced oxygen-starvation or birth trauma

As a business mentor, I have seen that most companies:

  • have weak genetics (bad shareholding arrangements, or team-mix)
  • were born prematurely (created a product before more important groundwork was done first)
  • were oxygen-starved by not getting the right advice at the right time very early on.

Because 90% of companies make these mistakes, 90% of companies benefit from incubation. So I think they serve an important function, like ambulances, E&D clinics and real incubators.

But what if you get things right from the get-go? What if the emphasis was placed not on “survive” but “thrive” right from the start?

If the 3 things above are addressed, I believe there would be no need for your business to ever be incubated. It will thrive without it.

What would it take for your company to never need to be incubated, resuscitated, or mercy-killed because

  • it has the strongest of genetics (strong team, solid shareholding arrangements)
  • you do the right things in the right order, so you can be sure that your market wants your product
  • you get the right advise at the right time so it is never starved of oxygen; because expert-advice is the oxygen of your business.

Business Incubators are necessary when companies are born prematurely and/or with weak DNA. Sadly that’s over 80% of companies. Get these things right from the outset though, and incubation is not necessary.

So how do you make sure your company is not born prematurely, or with weak DNA?

You firstly make sure you have your intention worked out. You can’t find out more about this in my chapter 1 from “How To Build a Beautiful Business Without Stress” – and its free.

In terms of your DNA – that comes down to who you choose as the company’s parents. Most people choose either

a. people who share the same values/vision and skills as you, or

b. people who have different skills and different values/vision.

Neither work. You must have people on board with the same values/vision but different skills. Get the intention and the parentage right, make sure you have the necessary business mindset and you know the mechanics of business and you are well on the way to being incubator-free.

PS: “How to Build A Beautiful Business Without Stress” shows you step-by-step how to do all of these things. I highly recommend you pick up a copy. It is the sort of ultra-practical resource that can save months – maybe years.

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