“What is more important than execution?”

by Daniel Batten on February 14, 2013

Every once in a while a new word gains currency.

A little while ago it was words like “solution” and “transformation”. Now these words have lost their currency and become cliques that actually disengage people and invite suspicion.

Right now in organisations words like “sticky” (talking about the problem of turning an idea into a behaviour change) and “execution” have currency.

In another 2-3 years time, these words will lose their currency too.

Even “Leadership” has become a word (like “transformation” and “solution”) that’s lost its currency, because people have been going on these leadership courses, and leadership retreats and coming back and nothing’s changed. Because energetically they haven’t changed. Because their heart was never engaged in leadership in the first place.
So what is the solution?

Realising that execution is important, but intention is much more important.

if as a leader, my execution is perfect, but my intention is “to get more out of you”- it’s not going to work. It will work to a point: the point that someone in the team decided “OK – you’ve learnt this communication game, so I’ll play it too. You play the manager who has learnt some communication techniques, and I’ll play the subordinate who listens to you and does what you want, because I can’t get away with less. But my heart is not involved in your game.”
If on the other hand, your intention is an authentic, clear and strong wish to empower your team as a group and as individuals because you genuinely care for them – but your execution is not quite perfect, you will get superior results for you and everyone around you.

Intention is more important than execution.

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