“Why you don’t do what you know you should”

by Daniel Batten on July 6, 2010

People talk about IQ and EQ. I believe there is a 3rd more important measure of intelligence: AQ.

AQ is your ability to apply what you know (IQ) and feel (EQ).

Isn’t this the only sort of intelligence worth celebrating? Because, without AQ, both IQ and EQ are incomplete. IQ + EQ together they are like a bridge built 2/3 of the way across a river: promising but useless.

Let’s have a look at an example: have you noticed that you don’t really need to read another study telling you that exercise or vegetables are good for you? You probably already know. So do I. So does everyone. So why don’t people exercise and eat enough vegetables?

Isn’t this a lack of AQ?

This goes way beyond exercise and diet, doesn’t it?

Isn’t it true that we do not suffer from lack of information, but lack of application?

So why do we still try to solve life’s most challenging problems by getting more information?

Isn’t it time to trust we already have a wealth of knowledge inside us that we seldom use, and look instead to what we can apply, that we currently don’t?

Isn’t the only question worth asking “Why don’t we do what we know we oughta?”

This has a massive implication for

– the way we do training

– the things we place emphasis on (ie: the information age)

– how we unlock the secret for applying what we already know.

I mean, imagine for a moment that you already applied every piece of information you had on living, loving and working.

So why don’t we do what we know we oughta?

I believe the answer can be found in the fact that we are trained at school over the course of 200 days per year, 12 years of our life in things that generally have no application to life outside the classroom. As a result, by the end of 12 years we have become “expert settlers”. ie: we settle to know things, rather than aspire to apply things.

Look for chances in your life to apply one thing you already know each day. Where will you get the time to do this? Easy: from the time you save by deciding to take in less information that either you were not going to apply, or had no application in the first place.

That would be a concrete way you could raise your AQ immediately.

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