Example of paradigm bridging (or the “MMA approach”)

by Daniel Batten on October 8, 2009

When gorse came from one “paradigm” called “The National of Scotland” to another called New Zealand, it had an unfair advantage over the local plants and is now rampant across the whole country. Paradigm-brigding is a system of achieving the same toughness , dominance and rapid-growth  in business.  Business Breakthrough mentoring focusses on turning businesses, products, or even the ideas in your head into multi-million dollar enterprises using the technique of Paradigm Bridging. One paradigm we bridge is acting—>business leadership. Another is the academic area of Conversational Analysis–>Business Persuasion Skills.

Another example of paradigm bridging was in 1993 when martial artists all competed against each other. This type of martial art became known as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Out of this they found that a blend of the different codes was more powerful than any one code.

Here’s my favourite example of paradigm bridging: giving it away in order to achieve faster business results. To find out more, read this free whitepaper on philanthropy. If you don’t have time to read the whitepaper – then at least get real clear on why you want to earn, who are the organisations you want to give to when you reach your financial targets, how you are going to practice giving.

Remember that giving is harder to do well than getting – a point Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and I are agreed on. The more clarity about how you are going to give, the more joy will be in your life as a result and the faster you will achieve your business goals.

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