Why experts fail to connect & how to fix it

by Daniel Batten on October 1, 2008

I’ve met a few people who can do this – but generally not-mentored a few people on how to do this , and convinced that anyone can learn to convey their vision, no matter how much jargon, zealousness and subject-philia they have. On seeing “Inconvenient Truth” I knew that one guy who could convey a message mattered more than 928 scientists telling us the same message.

So 3 tips for the unwary about the things that stop subject-experts conveying vision- all of which are curable! :

1. the more expert you are – the more risk of jargon. Jargon isn’t just “best to avoid” it kills your pitch like a landmine if you don’t avoid it – because you are showing you can’t customise your message for an audience and is interpreted as excluding the person you are trying to invite in.

2. The more expert/passionate you are, the more you forget that others don’t (yet) share your passion or knowledge and talk too much about the product – not enough about the “so what?”. The more you say – the less the person will understand, or want to understand.

3. The more passionate you get, the more the tendency to worry “Am I coming across as seeking converts to my church”. The remedy to this is to remember that you are not so much “selling” or “spinning” anything as presenting an opportunity. Remember what made you passionate in the first place and describe that story. This invites people into your world.

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