The fastest way to grow a business to grow you

by Daniel Batten on February 20, 2010

There are 2 schools of acting. The first says you should gradually build up nuance, voice-modulation, gesture and attributes until you have a character. You get into the head of that character.

The second school of acting says that you first discover that character. Once you have discovered that character – the exact changes in voice inflexion, gesture, posture, attitude and behaviour changes so that the character is interesting and authentic.

In goal-setting – the process is the same.

There is the school of thought that says write things down, use these techniques, and you will get this result.

The other school of thought says get present to who you are, who you want to become and what your authentic quest on this planet is and then live it.

When it comes to influencing people there are again 2 schools of thought. The first says “change your body language, use these language techniques and you will get this result.

The second technique says “Discover your utter conviction in what you are talking about, then ask yourself ‘what would I need to say so that someone else who doesn’t yet understand what I am passionate about, can get it right away?”

In each case, the second tool is an inside->out approach. It says “find out what’s inside, then the outside will manifest the changes as sure as a plant grows when fed and watered. The second approach is an outside->off tool. It is initially quicker to get a result that looks good, but like paint on top of rust – it will peel off unless the underside is also perfect.

– The first technique is focused on behavior.

– The second is based on authenticity.

– The first technique will often fool some peopel

– The second technique can never fool anyone.

– The first technique creates a strong first impression

– The second technique creates a lasting result.

Authenticity in all things: goal-setting, influence and relationship-development will get you further and be more fun to do at the same time, because while method 1 is premised on you hiding, method 2 is premised on you growing.

The best way to grow in business is to grow you.

How do you do this?

1. Create business goals that can only be achieved if you grow (ie: you as you are today will not be able to reach them)

2. Detach completely from the goal, and decide to be completely happy and grateful for what you have today.

3. Invest in yourself by deciding to

– do things that energize you

– put a powerful practice into your life that calms your busy thoughts

– observe a weakness in you (ie: speaking in a way that inspires, enrolls and sells), and decide whether this is something you want to change or simply accept. If you want to change it, get a buddy and tell them you want to work on this and please hold you accountable. Ask for their ideas, then take action based on what you and s/he brainstorm and decide.

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