“Why Do Winners Fail More Often?”

by Daniel Batten on March 10, 2010

I have a fundamental belief that winners fail more often.

Think about it. To learn to do anything worthwhile in life, you have to go through a period of being incompetent.

A child will fall 10,000 times before they learn to walk.

A musician will hit 10,000 wrong notes before they play in the Albert Hall.

An entrepreneur is nothing but a person who hasn’t forgotten what it was like to learn the way a child does : through putting themselves in situations where mistakes will happen, then correcting those mistakes.

An entrepreneuer will typically fail consistently. Seldom is a product or a business idea right first time. Trademe founder Sam Morgan had the wrong business model (free to lodge ads on an online auction site). Bill Gates’ first 3 versions of Windows were lamentable my Microsoft’s own (retrospective) admission. They simply kept on going until they got it right

Striving for perfection means striving to be timid.

The only way to be perfect is to be small, and live a small safe life.

The quest for perfection delays you.

The quest for perfection stresses you.

The quest for perfection shrinks what you choose to take on.

Embrace failure. Just don’t make the same mistakes. Your mistakes should also not be perfected!

Commit right not to do something in the next 24 hours where it is likely you will make a mistake or “fail” (ie: get feedback).

Options include:

Very Tame : shoot a piece of paper into a waste-paper basket

Less Tame: ask someone for something (that you have been putting off asking for)

Courageous: stop ┬ájust talking about that idea – and ring up the people you need to make it happen.

The boldness of the action you select will be in direct proportion to the degree to which you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow

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