Write your “anti-Role Profile”

by Daniel Batten on October 15, 2009

The vast bulk of company founders I’ve seen do not spend as much time doing what they love as they would like. A lot of them have stopped doing what they love altogether. And these are the same companies that are not thriving: almost a 100% correlation. We come to business wanting freedom, but think we have to do all sort of stuff we don’t like to get there. This is nonsense, because “we become what we habitually do”.  I imagine you are thinking – “Sounds good in theory but I can’t just drop everything.”

Interest the way the mind works – I didn’t suggest you did drop everything, but notice how quickly the mind can close down possibility and retreat to a comfort zone.

I have a mantra in business “I only do things that only I can do”. Whenever I catch myself doing something that someone else can do, I outsource (to someone valuable, cost-effective and better at that task than me). However much you can’t afford it, I would like to suggest you can’t afford not to.

Otherwise you are using your most precious resource: your own ENERGY as currency. Its not the fact it takes you an hour to do an admin task that matters: its the fact that it completely shatters your creative energy doing that task and lowers your effectiveness as the thought-leading creative charge for your business. Once your energy drops, so will your sales and so will the future sales of your company which are predicated on having high-octane highly-energized founders.

In practice – I permit myself up to 1 hour in 7 doing something that I’m neutral about doing and someone else could do. But I know if I slip above that, my energy goes down and so do my sales, so does the quality of my thinking and therefore my blogging, my actions, my products, my results.

So here is the pragmatic secret tool I used to redistribute the things I didn’t want to do and was bad at doing. You wont believe how well this will work for you right now- I promise you its like magic. Have used exactly this myself – works every time.

1. For one week, write down every task you do that you don’t enjoy/don’t do well/could be done by someone else
2. Look at that paper and decide whether that is one person or more than one person you need to attract that loves doing those things you don’t love
3. Write “Role Profile” on the top of that list, and envision that person working in your organisation doing those tasks.
Could be a part-time PA/VA, a student doing admin, a part-time IT-support or accounts person – whatever
4. Repeat “my energy is not for sale!” … “my energy is not for sale” … “my energy is not for sale”
5. Write to me and share your success stories in one months time.

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