Why Does Yoga Require a Mention When Discussing AQ?

by Daniel Batten on January 19, 2010

…because it doesn’t mean what you think it does, and because the West has not completely got it right when it comes to accellerating learning.

Think it means flexible girls in leotards and balletic guys doing silly postures? The physical postures were only even one of three aspects, and the physical flexibility benefit was only ever 1/5 of the reason for doing the physical postures. In short – it has been reduced to about 1/15th of what it really is.


Because the British were experts at divide and conquer. That’s how india was conquered – by setting one ethnic/religious group against another – and that’s how the ancient knowledge was conquered – by dividing it up and reducing it until it was meaningless, or near-innocuous.

Yoga means “union” and is a way of life – the ultimate tool for understanding knowledge, one self, and accomplishing anything in life in a state of joy, calm and bliss.

The reason “yoga” isn’t on the professional’s “solution map” of professional development tools is that s/he doesn’t know what yoga is, and has a concept in the mind about what s/he thinks it is. However, this is limited silo-thinking coupled with decision-making based on fear of making a fool of yourself (because “my peers aren’t doing it and what will they think?”

Fortunately I had a mentor that helped me remove my fear of foolishness and silo-thinking, so I neither mind doing it, recommending it, or teaching it – because it works better from my experience than “traditional methods”.

Its the Galileo-approach, over the Aristotle-approach.

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Subeer Haldar January 19, 2010 at 11:16 am

I proud to be an indian…..

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