How to Market to people with an IQ of over 108

by admin on May 4, 2013

How to Market to people with an IQ of over 108

IQ-108What, were you expecting a pretty sales letter?

Like that still works with people who have an IQ over 108.

This book will NOT make you rich, good-looking, or help you sire genetically perfect offspring, while you learnt horseriding, in your sleep. Only your self-effort can do that.

So do not get this book if:

  • If your market isn’t smart or street-smart
  • If you don’t want your belief systems
  • You expect a book to do everything for you without you making any effort too
  • You are already have a great connection to your market

You may wish to consider getting this book only if you:

  • Understand you don’t noticed by swallowing and following presumed truths.
  • value telling the truth, and serving others – not psychological manipulation
  • want to authentic yet compelling at the same time
  • already have a hunch that old-skool marketing is broken
  • want to know what to keep, chuck, and replace the chucked stuff with

The value of this book is that it’s practical. Hardly a scientific measure I know – but for what it’s worth, so far every person who’s given me feedback so far has said its like a “manual” and they’ve also said that it’s changed the way they write and think about connecting to their market completely.

The probably say that because is filled with examples of how to write that works now that people are making decisions about whether to “buy” you before they even directly engaging with you.

In day’s gone by –author’s got told by publishers not to give away so much in one book. Publishers would split it into a series of 230-page padded-out books that you’d get drip-fed over 10 years: books that would tell you what to do, not “how” to do it. You’d probably need to go on one of the author’s seminars to find that out.

I’m sure some financial consultant would tell me that I’m naïve to reject that formula – but that just feels icky to me. Mercifully, it also seems to be a dying way of connecting to people.

How I’m writing now is the way that I write about writing in the book. It’s based on trying damn hard to be open, human, yourself, hype-free, conversational yet still interesting, hopefully even inspiring.

I don’t always get it right, and you should not regard my words as gospel. But one thing’s for sure, however you feel about this style you are reading is a good gauge about how you’ll feel about the book.

If you don’t want to buy the book, but you have found this page a refreshing change from the “my-hype-meets-your-hopes” stuff see too much of and want to steal it or adapt this for your own template – go for gold.

Thank you for your time in reading this – I understand that your time, like all of our time, is not infinite.

If you are tending towards getting this book for $23.17 click the buy now button...


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